How Foreign Students Can Get U.S. Citizenship?

Posted by jenny on April 5th, 2021

Many students who want to study in the United States can go with a student visa, which is classified as non-immigrant status. This visa does not allow a foreign student to become a permanent resident of the United States of America, however. A foreign student is usually required to leave the U.S. as soon as the studies are complete, and one year of training is has been completed (if applicable). This visa for the US can be obtained in the home country of the student.

For master's students, a 3 years student visa is issued and for bachelor's students, a 5 years student visa is issued as an adequate length of study. How foreign students can apply for citizenship in the U.S. usually starts with an F-1 visa and evolves from there.

How Foreign Students Can Get U.S. Citizenship by H1B Visa
The H1B visa is considered the next step towards securing a permanent settlement in the United States of America. The H1B visa is normally issued for two or four years and can be renewed up to eight years in total, with subject changes due to the company through which a foreign student gets the H1B for U.S. citizenship. The next step after the H1B expires is to apply for a green card, which completes the process of getting citizenship.

Basic Knowledge Needed before Applying For H1B Visa
A student is allowed to live in the United States for one extra year of training after they complete their studies. Students work in their field of study to get job training, which is normally acceptable with a student visa. It gives experience to students in their field, which can be used for future opportunities and also helps them to apply what they learned in theory.

To get U.S. citizenship, students have to take maximum advantage of their training period as there are some entities that are authorized to issue an H1B visa for foreign students who have specialized knowledge in certain fields. This is the first step in understanding how foreign students can get U.S. citizenship.

Steps for Applying for an H1B Visa
There are 65,000 H1B visas per year. At this time, there is a possibility the government will increase these visas to 115,000 per year. In October, application for these visas opens for the next calendar year. There is a fee of 00 to issue these visas through the INS. The INS authority first checks whether an applicant is qualified for this visa category. If a student has a master's degree in the United States then he or she can easily get this visa as some special numbers are left open for those students who have master's degrees.

If a student has amassed four years of holding a valid H1B visa, then he/she can apply for a permanent residence, commonly referred to as a green card. On the basis of a student's specialized knowledge, the applicant needs to get approval from the company in which he or she is working in order to apply for a green card.

An applicant has to go through various stages: approval of an application, a labor permit, and then final approval of a green card for permanent U.S. citizenship. Understanding this process explains how foreign students can get U.S. citizenship with the least amount of red tape.

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