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Posted by IdyaFlow on April 5th, 2021

The U.S B2B e-commerce market along with the food industry is expected to reach USD 20.9 trillion by 2027, which makes the marketplace platforms for food industry development an appealing business opportunity. While e-marketplaces have started to catch on in several sectors and industries, the food industry has been slow to jump on the bandwagon. The demand for B2B marketplaces for the food & hospitality industry is growing fast where the operators can connect with distributors, compare prices, and order online without the hassle of phone calls, emails and paperwork.

The biggest value is here the operators can easily search for all distributors providing specific products/services, compare their services and make a decision within a few minutes.

There is no question, food and hospitality is one of the top 5 industries most impacted by COVID. While the crisis is unfolding, operators should also prepare for what is coming next. But not the next 'normal'. Normal isn't available to us anymore, and 'business as usual' even more less. The new reality is made of complexity, uncertainty and opportunities. To adapt and thrive, operators must accelerate and become resilient and agile. There’s never been a more crucial time to support the food industry on a B2B marketplace software than right now.

In this article, we will explore the unique opportunities within the food & hospitality industry

Marketplace for Food & Beverages

Restaurants are always looking to source from fresh local options for produce and other seasonal foods. The food platform that connects organic food suppliers with wholesale buyers around the world. The platform should provide a set of tools with which suppliers can create their micro-stores within the marketplace. It should allow distributors (farmers and retailers) to exhibit their products, promote their business, and directly communicate with potential operators (restaurants and vendors).

Marketplace for Food Service Equipment

The Original Equipment Manufacture’s (OEM) in the food industry have been working in the brick-&-Mortar model and have not adopted the digitalization of their services. This is because much of the equipment used in the industry is customized for each application and not to mention are quite expensive. No one’s going to buy a 0,000 industrial oven online using a credit card online.

Not all equipment falls into this category, and even for equipment that does, an e-marketplace approach can provide myriad benefits, like increased brand awareness and access to new markets. For other lower priced equipment, the marketplace will allow operators to review their options and compare features & prices to make an informed decision.

Marketplace for Foodservice Supplies & Disposables

This marketplace will allow your operators to source supplies (like Plates, Cups and Cutleries) from a centralized marketplace of distributors and suppliers. This model will enable them to order different products from different suppliers based on quality, quantity and price parity. The marketplace will allow distributors to find new markets to expand their products.

Marketplace for Food Service Consultants/Experts

Food consultants specialize with menu engineering, design, and food costing. They are often hired when a restaurant is trying to cater to specific diners, offer healthier options, gain some creative input, and/or ensure food safety and quality. For example, a restaurant looking to offer more vegan options will seek out a food consultant that specializes in creating plant-based dishes. Food consultants can also be hired by chain restaurants to create quality assurance, operational systems and food handling and safety systems across all locations. This marketplace platform will allow you to connect consultants with specific specialty and expertise to the operators (restaurants & franchises). The platform will help restaurants to find the help they need when they need and within their budget.

Transform your food market segment with digital technologies. Meet the needs of modern customers accustomed to ordering online and provide them with maximum convenience while buying and selling products & services to support the food and hospitality industry.

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