Psychotic Depression and Its Symptoms

Posted by spiritualarticles on June 16th, 2015

With good health is associated countless advantages. Those that have sound health are indeed blessed to have it. Sound health implies good family and work place life. However the term good health is a very deep term. It is because health is not just associated with physical aches, pains and ailments. It also involves mental, social and emotional health disorders. Amongst all the disorders those associated with mental health are really tedious to diagnose. And similarly the symptoms are too confusing and problematic to deal with. One such mental disorder is psychotic depression.

What is psychotic depression?

Everyone is well acquainted with the term depression. Now when along with depression an individual starts experiencing psychosis symptoms, then he or she is said to be a victim of the disorder. The psychosis could be hallucinations or delusions or some other symptom which do not have any association with reality. In case of hallucinations the individual might be hearing a voice telling him or her about how worthless is he or she. Then in delusion the individual himself starts feeling that he is worthless or a failure in a life. This break from the reality is definitely very painful for the individual suffering as well as those near them. However there are some symptoms which will further explain the disorder, these are as follows:-

  • The individual dealing with this problem is most of the time agitated for smallest problems.

  • They also show the signs of anxiety.

  • The individual also witness the problem of constipation.

  • They experience sleeplessness most of the nights. And even when they do sleep their sleep is broken with disturbing thoughts.

  • They show the signs of intellectual impairment.

  • Delusions or hallucinations are also experienced commonly by such people.

In order to provide such individual with relief, there are availability of medication and therapies. They are also recommended to make meditation as a part of their daily routine. Then there are those who recommend the harnessed energy phenomenon like the one in the .

The Trivedi Effect® which is harnessed energy transmitted from the Trivedi Masters™ Alice Branton, Dahryn Trivedi and Gopal Nayak along with the Master of Transformation Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has been observed to provide a relief from the many symptoms. The energy strengthens the connection of the individual to the God of their understanding or the Universal Intelligence. It thus aids in providing the individuals with wellness solutions as well.

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