How To Get The Most Out Of Your Camping Food

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Camping is a passion shared by many of us mostly through the summer but others will even venture in the cold winter season. Camping is always an adventure as no matter how well you prepare yourself there is bound for something to happen out of the blue and make your trip extraordinary.

Planning Your Camping Food

There are a few points to consider when planning for the camping food and they are: first and foremost, the amount of time you will be gone, you need to consider the fact that you will have a bigger appetite when camping then when you are at home because of the fresh air and exercise.

Quantity is not the answer to extra food but nutrition, so, think in terms of how nutritious the food you are about to pack is and not its quantity. However, while thinking about nutrition don?t ruin your camping pleasures by packing totally boring food with no taste that you don?t particularly like but you just bring it because you think it is good for you to eat.

While some energy bars will be handy now and then, you will also enjoy sitting around the fire camp in the evening cooking a traditional camping meal; so, plan ahead efficiently thinking about nutrition, quality and the fun that you are planning to have while enjoying your camping food.

Packing The Camping Food

Yet another angle that needs your organization skills is that you need to pack every meal separately and probably mark them as well so that you don?t have to unwrap everything when in search for the meal you have in mind.

If you are placing them in a backpack, place them in the order you think you will eat them so you don?t have to empty your whole back pack to get to the next meal. This is especially important if you are doing some hiking as well and will be carrying all your belonging in the backpack everyday.

Plan At Least One Traditional Camp Meal

Camping is all about enjoying the outdoors and getting away from the hi tech world and daily routine, therefore, indulge and plan in advance at least one specific camping meal that you will make from scratch in order to truly enjoy camping food in the great outdoors.

Camping is a tradition with many families but camping food seems to slowly but steadily loose its touch due to many reasons; don?t loose the charm of camping by going hi tech on the food as well, add some adventure and fun in that department as well, it will be memories well cherished and time well spent.

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