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Posted by AmandaTom on June 16th, 2015

IT Assets are nervous system of a business – you simply cannot imagine running any type of business in any industry without computers, servers, softwares, tablet devices & mobile devices. IT Asset Management is all about managing nervous system of your business – your software, hardware, servers, the whole lot – your IT Infrastructure. The software used to manage your IT Assets is known as IT Asset Management Software sometimes also referred as Software Asset Management. The key deliverable of any IT Asset Management Software is to ensure that you procure, use, track, control and dispose your IT Assets to suit your dynamic business requirements.

The benefits of using IT Asset Management Software are more evident when you have large numbers of IT Assets. I would say at the very least 50 Assets to manage. Typically a business uses at least 4 – 5 different types of software, so your Operating System, Email Software, A contacts or a CRM system, Industry or Operations specific software, Accounting Software, HR Software, Payroll get the idea. Similarly the amount of hardware and servers can vary depending on your business. Software Asset Management is ensuring you are using the right number of software at the right time to ensure you are getting the best return on investment from your IT Assets.

When you have more than 50 employees, without an IT Asset Management Software it is difficult to identify software usage by department/employees, understand if you have the optimum number of IT Assets, (over entitlement and under entitlement both affect the bottom line), ensure your business is using authorised versions of the software. Software Asset Management equally helps with standardising IT Processes. The process of providing IT assets to new employees, the process of procuring IT Assets, the process of managing the usage of your IT assets – all of these processes if managed manually in an-adhoc fashion will just eat-up your organisation’s time and you will probably get no rewards.

Investing in your IT Asset Management Software should be seen as an investment to have a healthy nervous system for your business, so that it does not have a breakdown. We all know when IT Assets don’t work they affect our customers and business. Software Asset Management is increasingly becoming business critical as core parts of most businesses are managed via software assets. Product Development, Product Testing, Services, Warehousing, Logistics, People Management, Legal, Production, Customer Management….. All the core functions are managed via some type of software, so businesses are taking a hard look at software asset management.

There are two ways to find a good IT Asset Management Software, you can either do a search on any of the popular search engines – go to each supplier’s website to understand the type of software asset management they provide, or you can simply visit our recommended online resource. You can get a customised shortlist of IT Asset Management Software Suppliers along with Video Demonstrations and Product Brochures. Typically takes less than a minute to get your options of software asset management.

The simplest and easiest route to comparing IT Asset Management Software is to use comparison website. You can shortlist and compare your software asset management options in less than a minute.

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