Minefield inventory of operating vending machines

Posted by sere on April 6th, 2021

As a modern business machine, the vending machine has appeared in every corner of the city. With the rapid development of the vending machine industry, the team of investors joining the vending machine industry has also become larger and larger. However, among the many investors, many investors didn't understand the operation method of vending machines, so they entered the market in a hurry, which led to the ending of their own retreat. That being the case, Easy Touch Technology is here to sort out the minefields when operating vending machines for everyone.

The first is the choice of spots. Many operators think that there are more people near the chosen spot, so they blindly pursue the flow of people, but they have not considered whether the huge flow of people at this spot has the opportunity to stay and stop. If you choose to be empty and crowded, but there is no time for crowds to stay, it is difficult to manage the point of buying space properly. Keep this in mind.

The second is the choice of goods sold in the machine. Many operators look at what others sell and sell what they sell, such as instant noodles, snacks and drinks. This cannot be said to be wrong, but the consequence of this selection is that your product refurbishment rate is very low and it is difficult to sell the product. The choice of goods should be determined based on the type of people near your location, not your own preferences. For example, you put a lot of instant noodles in the machine in the mall, and the instant noodles are almost never bought by tourists visiting the mall. Before choosing a product, you should step on a spot near your point in advance, think about what kind of consumer group the people passing by this point belong to, and what consumer needs are there, and then choose products based on the information obtained.

These are the easiest and most important two minefields for novices to get started. Many novices have planted somersaults on these places and left the field sadly, so please remember to remember.

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