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Shanghai is located in the south estuary of the Yangtze River in China east coast, and borders on Jiangsu to the north and west, Zhejiang to the south. Shanghai, called Hu or Shen in short, is the largest and most developed and populated city of China. The city has written a remarkable economic legend from a small shabby fishing village to a great international metropolis. With a fascinating mixture of the East and West, Shanghai is reputed as the “Oriental Pearl” and the “Paris of the East” by the world. It’s the best showcase of China’s reform and opening-up achievement. Based on its good location, Shanghai is often served as a popular gateway to China and a must-visit destination for worldwide travelers.To get more news about Shanghai travel advice, you can visit shine news official website. 
As a renowned Chinese saying goes, Xian is the best place to trace back to ancient China of 3,000 years ago, Beijing is ideal for exploring China 1,000 years ago while century-old history was best staged in Shanghai. After be opened as a treaty port during the late Qing Dynasty in the mid-19th century, Shanghai grew amazing and developed as a vital harbor city and window connecting China and the world. Shanghai is a city of action, not ideas. Now the city is a world financial center with unpredictable vitality and distinctive charm, cutting-edge trends and advances lie everywhere. The Bund is the epitome of Shanghai’s history. Taking a stroll along the Bund and around, you’ll experience Shanghai’s yesterday, today and tomorrow. Why Visit Shanghai? A Perfect Blend of the Western & Eastern culture - Shanghai is a city with more than one face - modern and traditional, eastern and western. A real Shanghai discovery must cover them all. 
You be amazed by the excellent coexistence of the western and eastern culture in the Bund, Former French Concession, where European featured historical buildings has survived among classical Chinese gardens, ancient Buddhist temples, water towns. It’s interesting to witness the traditional legacy embraced by rising modern skyscrapers. Traditional and snazzy lifestyle naturally live in great harmony in Shanghai.Incredible Modern Skyline - Shanghai is a photogenic target that never lacks of inspirations and good shots. The blooming economy and leading position in science and technology has made Shanghai super first-tier city in Shanghai whose wealth even exceeds that of Beijing and any other Chinese cities. Shanghai is home to some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and the most phenomenal skyline belongs to the tall building group in Lujiazui, where the world’s 2nd tallest building - Shanghai Tower (623-m-high) stands. You can get a wide vision of the skyline from the Bund, take a Huangpu River Cruise to view them on the bank, or get up inside and learn interior construct and enjoy a spectacular bird’s view of Shanghai city.Diverse Traditional Culture - Shanghai has done well in retaining traditional culture and history in its modernization. 
Historical sites dotted in Shanghai old town can bring you to travel across time and space and appreciate the ancient architectures, wisdom and faith at close quarters. Yu Garden, a Ming Dynasty private garden is regarded as a miniature of Suzhou classical garden. Jade Buddha Temple, Jing’an Temple and Longhua Temple are influential Buddhist shrines with delicate buildings. City God Temple keeps localized Taoist culture. These cultural sites can present you the old Shanghai in a mind-blowing visit.A Popular Gateway City to China - The geographical advantage not only promotes Shanghai’s economy but also offers great convenience for arrival and transfer to nearby areas. Visitors abroad can get to Shanghai conveniently by flight and land at one of its two international airports, or by international cruise. 
Meanwhile, it’s very convenient to transfer from Shanghai to Beijing, Xian, Guilin and other top destinations by air and by train. And, Shanghai is the best transfer center in the Yangtze River Delta, who provides fast high speed trains to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc. If you want to visit some best water towns, ancient villages in the Southern China, Shanghai is the best portal for you.A Bite of Shanghai - Shanghai Cuisine, or Hu Cuisine, Benbang Cuisine, is a popular culinary style of Chinese food. It gains popularity via its original, tasty flavor and skillful use of thick oil and red sauce. Compared with the upscale international dishes, the local Shanghai food, especially the local snacks like Shengjianbao, Tangbao, Shaomai and Hongshaorou and other typical dishes can open up a new world for you to taste.

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