Knowing The Important Role And Process Of Software Development

Posted by BrettSchneider on April 6th, 2021

In a software, it takes a lot of processes so that the product still meets the level of user needs. This process is often called the software development life cycle or usually simply called software development. Software development is done by the product team. This process is led by a product manager or project manager and carried out collaboratively by a designer , engineer or developer , and quality assurance. In this article, we will explain what software development is and the reasons why this process is important in product development. In addition, it will explain the steps that must be taken in order for this process to be successful.

What is Software Development?

Software development is a series of product development processes, in this case in the form of software, in order to keep up with usability values. This process is carried out without a certain period of time and depends on the cycle that is being faced. Software development refers to a series of computer science activities intended to create, design, deploy, and support software. You can employ software development companies for developing software.

This process is usually carried out to produce the highest quality software at the lowest cost in the shortest time. This process also includes a detailed plan for developing, modifying, and maintaining the software. In some companies, this process uses several stages, such as planning, design, building, testing, and deployment. To carry out this process, it is usually used the waterfall, spiral, and agile methods. Most of these processes are carried out by programmers, software engineers, and software developers. These positions will be linked according to their respective job descriptions.

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Unfortunately, today every person contacts on their own "software application designers" and also for this reason, finding a truly excellent top outsourcing software that will certainly fulfill your company requirements to the t becomes progressively more difficult. This post is actually suggested to work as a step-by-step guide and also reveal the method of just how to outsource software-development from beginning to end if you want to make sure that you are actually obtaining your money's really worth.

Why is Software Development Important?

The rapid development of technology makes competition between products hot. Every company is even required to burn more money, especially through marketing , in order to win business competition. However, there is one strategy that is believed to help a company minimize marketing expenses. One of them is to do software development regularly and systematically. By doing this process, one by one the problems faced by a product will be reduced. In the end, this will make users feel comfortable and have an attachment to the product in question. Apart from reducing the ration for burning money, here are some important benefits of doing software development .

Increase the accessibility of a product

A good product is a product that can have easy access. Either it can be used without the internet or can be accessed through various mediums, such as cell phones or desktops. Doing software development will indirectly increase the accessibility of a product. With a high level of accessibility, a product will indirectly bind users to continue using it.

Provide the best experience

The user experience comes through a variety of services provided by a product. To achieve this, there are many things that must be done by the company. Starting from increasing user experience to providing many access capabilities. Some problems, such as bugs that interfere with access, can be resolved if a company does software development regularly.

Increase product safety

Security has become an expensive item in the midst of technological developments. The emergence of hackers and data thieves often creates problems for products. This can be overcome if there is a software development that specifically evaluates security. The existence of this process makes companies know the holes in their products and will easily solve them. If this is successfully implemented, the value of trust from users in a product will also be raised.

Steps in Software Development

Software development cannot be done carelessly. This is done so that each of these processes gets maximum results. The following is the sequence of software development that is commonly done.

Collection of requirements and analysis

Analysis is an important thing in  software development. Without good analysis, it is difficult to take software  development  to the next stage.

Ideally, this phase will involve various stakeholders who will be affected. This includes  project managers,  developers,  operations, security , and  other stakeholders. Generally, they define some common requirements such as what product will be repaired, what will be evaluated, and how the new product will be implemented. After all the requirements are listed, weighting will be carried out. This weighting is intended to find out what things need to be done without exception and what things can be modified.


When the analysis is complete, the design process will start immediately. This phase refers to building the architecture of a project. In this phase, we will describe how the  software will work and what it will look like. In this context, functions and workflows are elements that become points of emphasis. To some extent, this phase can make the project get  feedback before it is translated into the coding process .

Implementation and testing

You could say, the implementation process is the phase where software development actually takes place. For some people, this phase is even considered the most difficult and risky. In this process, the software engineer will start writing code as needed. Along with the ongoing software development process, testing and testing then becomes crucial. The testing process is important because it can find errors or bugs from a software.

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