The Power of School Assembly Programs

Posted by joelpenton on June 17th, 2015

Kids today, more than ever, need the ethics, courage, and critical thinking to navigate life. Adults are counting on them to inherit the world and make it better. Sadly, the reality is that today's youth—especially teens—are disenfranchised and disillusioned. We are leaving them a legacy of environmental degradation, poverty, and war. How can we help them develop the attitude and the skills necessary to face the challenge? School assembly programs are powerful tools that can certainly help.

Many teachers and school administrators now turn to motivational speakers to inspire and reach out to the youth. The best youth leadership speakers can effectively bring messages of motivation and hope to young people. Motivational speakers provide a type of learning that traditional classrooms cannot provide. They specialize in relating to and inspiring teens in ways that teachers—because of the nature of their jobs as disciplinarians—often find hard to accomplish.

If you are an educator & looking for a motivational speaker to grap one for your school assembly programs, keep these tips in mind:

1. Determine what issues need to be talked about.

Young people have to deal with many challenges everyday—from fear of the future to poor self-esteem. Outside forces add to the burden they are carrying. Is your school in a poor neighborhood? Are there broken families all around? Do your teenage students lack positive role models? Be specific about the needs of your group so you can find the most appropriate speaker.

2. Seek expert advice.

Contact a local speakers’ bureau and ask them for referrals. They can help take the guesswork out of choosing a great speaker who specializes in your topic of choice. Some speakers’ bureaus even offer event planning support—assistance with audio-visual requirements, travel arrangements, and coming up with a ‘plan b’ in case the speaker cancels. You typically don’t have to pay the speakers’ bureau for its services, as the payment will come from the speaker.

3. Timing is everything.

Schedule your school assembly program well. Graduations and the first week of school are excellent opportunities for such a gathering. Young people tend to be more receptive to a speaker's message during these occasions because they are open to possibilities and are concerned about their future. You can also schedule school assemblies to celebrate successes—such as when the school just won a major athletic event.

4. Choose a youth-centric speaker.

You want someone who can truly connect with your teenage students. The speaker does not have to be young to be effective though that sometimes helps. Regardless of his or her age, the speaker should be able to establish a believable bond with your teenage students and inspire trust. Personal anecdotes and humor are very important.

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