Do you know where to put the vending machine

Posted by sere on April 6th, 2021

I believe everyone is no longer unfamiliar with the term vending machine. This year's epidemic knocked down countless physical companies and brought the vending machine industry back to the public.

The most important point in determining whether a vending machine can make money during operation is undoubtedly the point where the vending machine is placed. So the editor today will share with you some experience of choosing vending machines.

The flow of people is very important, but this is by no means the only deciding factor. In addition to the flow of people, it also depends on how long these people stay and whether they can stay in this place for a period of time to spend. In addition to the large flow of people, there must be a certain amount of time to stay. This is the most high-quality spot. For example, schools, factories, airport station lounges and other places with a large flow of people and long stays are all very high-quality spots.

If you have just entered the vending machine industry and there is really no way to tell whether this point is good, then observe more and observe where other people's vending machines are placed. Generally speaking, the points chosen by others are all good points. As long as the types of goods you sell are different, then it is also a good point for you.

With the advancement of the wave of reform and opening up, people's group cultural quality is getting higher and higher, and there are fewer and fewer acts of sabotaging vending machines on the streets. Moreover, unmanned automation is a major development trend of the retail industry in the future, and investing in vending machines must be a good choice.

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