Engine Actuators are Devices that Improve the Performance of a vehicle's Engine

Posted by Ajinkya on April 6th, 2021

In our daily life, we come across different types of pumps, for example, water pumps, combustion engines, compressed air pumps and air-cooled gas pumps. Each of these pumps has its own function and working principle. The selection of an engine depends upon the number of its components like Horse Power (HPP), stroke capacity, displacement ratio, and working frequency.

In short, Engine actuators are used to decrease the pressure by reducing the moving mass of air or fuel in a small enclosed space. As a result, the amount of gas wasted due to pressure reduction is termed Exhaust gas loss (EGL). To increase the efficiency of an engine.

There are many kinds of Engine Actuators available for application including wet-start, dry-start, conventional start, wet-throttle, dry-throttle, and automatic start. For a vehicle that uses a fuel injection or ignition system, there is an Engine Control Unit (ECU) installed beside the Engine. These two work in conjunction with the Engine and provide additional services to the driver. Some of the services provided by the ECU are sensors for ignition, variable speed control, emission monitoring, and fuel injection control. The ECU is usually located in the engine control unit along with the fuel injection system.

There are two types of Fuel Injection Systems namely; open and closed. In the open type of fuel injection system, the fuel is ignited inside the cylinder before it reaches the opening. When the fuel goes into the cylinder first, the valve opens and when the valve shuts the fuel is pushed inside the cylinder. A closed type of fuel injection system uses a booster that open the valve as soon as fuel enters the cylinder. For both systems, the pressure of the gas is controlled to ensure proper engine load.

The other most popular type of the actuators is the rotary actuators. These are generally used in water and oil-operated engines. Besides these, there are radial and capstan hydraulic actuation systems, which are used for large engines like diesel engines.

Aside from these systems, there are also certain other types that are used to increase the efficiency of the engine. For instance, a radial actuation increases the speed of the engine and provides smoother driving. This also provides better power transmission, less wear on the clutch and brakes, and a quieter drive. Capstan actuation systems are also used for increasing the cooling capacity of the engine. In the same way, these also provide better combustion efficiency.

The function of Engine Actuators is to provide the required thrust for combustible fuel to be ignited. They have to be mounted in such a way that airflow to the fuel is proper and that there is proper combustion of fuel into the nozzle. It is one of the most important components of an internal combustion engine. It uses an actuator or clutch to actuate or change the amount of airflow into the fuel. This change in airflow activates the spark that causes the ignition of the fuel.


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