The Growing use of Smartphones has Increased the Demand for Mobile Analytics to

Posted by Ajinkya on April 6th, 2021

Mobile web analytics is similar to conventional web analytics in that it studies the behavior of online, mobile site visitors. In a business context, mobile web metrics refer to the collection of data gathered by mobile visitors who access a website through a mobile phone.

For example, mobile analytics can be used to collect data on the traffic that a website is receiving as well as how long a visitor stays on that site after the first visit. This data can then be used to identify areas for improvement on the part of the website owner or business. Other types of business-specific mobile analytics include tracking data from mobile applications such as a calculator or games that are downloaded by mobile devices to help the user with an equation, or by measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign by tracking the performance of the mobile device over time and allowing the user to view performance charts and other statistics from multiple devices.

Mobile analytics software is designed to collect information on the behavior of a variety of mobile devices, which can range from smartphones to PDAs to gaming devices like gaming consoles or smartphones. The data collected by the software is also helpful for businesses that have a need to make more efficient use of their websites and who want to better understand the demographics of their target market. Many people own a cell phone, and it can be estimated that as many as 90% of mobile internet users have a smartphone. Data gathered from these devices can then be used to identify problems with the website and provide suggestions on ways to improve its functionality.

Thus, Mobile analytics software is designed to collect and analyze data that is gathered through a mobile browser and allows for data to be accessed in real-time, which makes the data accessible instantly to the business.

Businesses that manage mobile websites as part of their advertising or marketing campaigns can find the information that they need from the analytics software and can be presented to a mobile website owner or marketing manager as well. Because this type of marketing is based on the analysis of the mobile behavior of visitors, a user can choose to receive relevant messages based on the activity that they have already participated in or may see ads related to a subject matter of interest that they are interested in.

Because of the increase in the number of mobile devices in the marketplace, mobile analytics software has also become extremely valuable for companies that sell products that are designed to cater to mobile devices. For instance, those that sell video games, music players, or other types of portable media devices can take advantage of mobile analytics software to collect data on the actions of their target audience. This data can then be used to create custom advertisements that are relevant to a given audience or used to enhance an online store's promotion of that same product.


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