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Posted by John Smith on June 18th, 2015

Any kind of organization which is small or big needs to advertise its business or process in today's extremely competitive world. Everyday changing technology brings more ways to do business marketing and advertising solutions. Companies are using different ways very smartly at the city's busy traffic places where lots of people come and go, by means of big digital hoardings that typically have witty slogans written on them in huge sizes to provide large advertizing to passing citizens. These dynamic signage are ruling the advertising world today. Companies know it very well that digital media advertising is the need of the hour.

Modern business finds new way in the form of LED/SMD screen, which gives vivid and effective solutions of advertising. These large and powerful signs quickly grab the attention of people's mind. Those days are gone when a group or organization take the help of traditional hoardings or big banners, now it is the time to utilize the valuable and multiple advantages of  this technology to grow and expand your business. Apart of that SMD technology are also used in the screen of the sports ground, concert halls, railway station or airport as well. It has enough brightness that allows them to be used outdoors.

There are screens like touch/interactive screen kiosks which works like any computer device are also used in public places like airports, shopping malls libraries, company cafeterias and other places where personal computers are not available but self-service applications can provide some benefit to people in self service access. Kiosks are generally set up in particular conditions where a problem can be solved by providing access to the people for self service tools. These come in various shapes and sizes and are often custom built for a specific application. Revolution of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of functions.

Technology never settles, a prime example of that is holographic/hologram imaging. Holographic  projection technology is based on an illusionary technique called peppers ghost. This technology has been upgraded to 21st century, with the use of latest HD projectors. Specialist HD film techniques, CGI (common gateway interface) animation and special effects created in production . With the new approach of projecting CGI and pre recorded footage, anything is possible. The holographic display is a virtual and imaginary kind of display in which real people can be filmed giving a speech, dancing or presentation and can be projected in 3D.

The digital technology keep bringing the new innovations like digital signages in the form of an advertising medium. Perhaps the best contribution of this technology to the digital media is that it transformed what were once boring hoardings ads into something more striking and exciting. It changes stale static advertising into a dynamic fusion of art and technology. The latest invention in this field is transparent LCDs that makes your advertising more dynamic and have endless possibilities as an advertising tool which can be applied to show windows and used in showcase events.

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