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Posted by goldsafe21 on June 19th, 2015

It has been some days after the introduction of Knights of the Fallen Empire in SWTOR, and a lot of concerns and speculations about the character, companions, level, and other new contents have popped up on official community. For clarity, some official announcements have been published. Move on for details.

What are the confirmed details for new expansion?

1. Your choice in past will make a difference on later character

According to the lead writer of SWTOR, Charles Boyol, your character’s past will be a key part of their identity as the Outlander moving forward. The choices you’ve made, romances you’ve pursued, your class, etc are all a part of who your character is, and those decisions will be honored in KOTFE in unexpected ways.

2. Old companions will be kept with new companions

Some people are referencing the KOTFE page’s character list as a list of companions, but in fact, not everyone on that list will become a companion, and not every companion in the story is included in that list. So keep expectation and wait for your October! Anyway, there is a thing confirmed, your past companions will return in the story, which will sometimes play an important role in the overall story shared by all Outlanders.

3. You can still return to old planets

Although the new expansion is so attractive that most players can hardly wait to hop in, there are still some players who concern much about their old planets. Now it is confirmed that you can still return to old planets even after being frozen in carbonite, so just prepare some swtor credits for your battle!

4. Details of operation will be revealed weeks later

To avoid the spoiler, the officials haven’t given details about Operation. However, the community manager promised that they will release a blog in the coming weeks to answer more question. What’s more, he also indicated that they are excited about the plans for Operations, so keep your eyes on.

Will Swtor be more a SPORPG than MMORPG?

Since the new expansion mainly focuses on storytelling, some players guess that swtor will developed to be more a Single Player Online RPG than a Massive Multipleplayer Online RPG. However, it is not the case. Although Jeff Hickmann ever stated “it's all about story this year", he also indicated that they have always had, and will continue to expand MMO game. “The Old Republic is still very much an MMO, with all that genre entails. It's just been streamlined, with new options for the way each player approaches the game." So, Swtor is still the original swtor, but more playable with abundant forms.

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