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Posted by Picasoth on April 7th, 2021

Most investors rely on analysts ’forecasts when evaluating the potential value of stocks. This is definitely not a bad idea; analysts have access to company directors and often have extensive experience and knowledge in their fields. However, if you really want to do your own research, you will need to start creating your own financial models. There are no forecasts for some stocks; The only forecast available to others may be outdated or a broker’s forecast, and you can often expect a bit of optimism.


Also, even if there are other forecasts, creating your own model will give you an in-depth understanding of the company and its activities, in addition to reading the annual report. First, you will need to evaluate the company’s business model. Is there a suitable sound unit? For example, houses with home builders, kilowatt-hours with energy companies, and so on.

Important Figure

This can also be applied in terms of price for retailers, square meters of retail space is a very important indicator. Considering these units, you can often estimate at least a portion of revenue and expenses. This is extremely useful because you can analyze where the growth is taking place  is it an increase in sales volume or just higher prices?

You will also need to consider whether the gross margin or operating margin is the base ratio. For retailers, this is a gross margin that effectively measures the amount of profit they make from their products. For a software company, by contrast, gross margin is typically 90% or more; Sales costs are almost non-existent, so the operating margin is paramount.

Growth Rate and Profits

Start with real figures from the last few years and multiply in the same format next year. You can create a profit and loss account for the coming year by using unit-based forecasts or by looking at the margin you expect and using selected revenue growth rates. For example, with a computer manufacturing company, you can see what other companies in your area are achieving as operating profit rates, then say in your forecast that margins will be a few percent lower because you have a recurring cost when you set yourself up. 'lasiz. also an Indian outsourcing arm.

Final Verdict

The forecasts of all brokers generate assumptions and you don’t really know what those assumptions are, you can be different and choose the assumptions that you think are appropriate for life. If you are an investor on the contrary, then you may get different results from many analysts because you have different assumptions about the economy or oil prices.

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