The Doís And Doníts Of Law School Applications Amid The Pandemic

Posted by LSAC on April 7th, 2021

Applying for law school amid the pandemic can be a little more daunting than the normal situation. After all, lack of motivation or guidance isn’t something people expect when applying for law school to start with the journey of pursuing a Master of Legal Studies (MLS).

In fact, the years-old dream of you taking the campus tour will be altered with a virtual setting. But no matter what, it is time to avoid the discouraging thoughts; instead, follow our guide that offers the perfect mix of Do’s and Don’ts to keep your determination alive even amid the pandemic. 

1- Sign up for CAS at the earliest: Check for the Credential Assembly Service on the LSAC site. This service can be a blessing for the applicants as it completely renovates the application process. It takes all the necessary information required for the law school application and applies to ten different law schools with just one click of the button. 

Even though this service costs a bit more but it is still worth it. 

2- Don’t wait for the transcript submission: Transcripts are the simplest factors required for every law school application. This full-proof process takes at least two weeks to complete. So, it is vital to avoid the last-minute problem and start submitting the transcript sooner. 

3- Request for LORs sooner: LOR or Letter of Recommendations can keep you ahead of all the applicants. Even if you have an average LSAT score and a good GPA, having a stellar LOR will increase your chances of acceptance. If possible, request the LOR at the earliest so that the recommenders can have time to add important details about you. 

4- Don’t feel discouraged about taking LSAT again: We know LSAT can be tough, but don’t lose your hope if you weren’t good the first time. Even though an LSAT score is quite important to get into law school to achieve your dreams of receiving a Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree, but law schools don’t really mind if you had scored low on the previous test. Besides, retaking the LSAT will only increase your possibility of getting a better scholarship.

5- Complete the LSAT writing before the LSAT date: Even though LSAT writing is the least important thing, but it is important. So, make sure to complete it prior to the actual test date. This way, you can complete the exam without the need to look back at it. 

Over to you

We know that the process of applying for a law school can be intimidating, but it isn’t impossible. Just embrace your individuality and follow the tips mentioned here; after all, law school expects diversity an individual has to offer. 

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