What Are The Responsibilities Of Nursery Schools?

Posted by Diksha Sharma on April 7th, 2021

Nursery schools are meant to start with the very basics of a child’s education. Everything children learn from their alphabets to their numbers to naming fruits, vegetables, and animals - it all begins here. These schools have a challenging job. It is not easy to manage such young and curious minds, which is precisely what is done here. The education process is initiated in a ‘fun & play’ manner, like reciting nursery rhymes and enacting them, or identifying pictures or learning morning assembly prayers. The starting necessities of proper schooling are achieved here. To help you get some clarity, here are a few responsibilities that nursery schools have that might help you with your kid’s nursery school admissions.

Drawing and Painting

Kids are pushed in a healthy manner to explore their imagination and put it down on paper in the form of paintings, sketches, and so on. This exercise enables them to think beyond the ordinary, and young kids anyway have a very active imagination. In the process, they also learn how to identify colours and what specific colours are associated with. Through fun, they also gain knowledge without the exercise feeling like a task.

Social Development

This is a very crucial pointer that nursery schools try and take responsibility for. When kids go to nursery schools, they meet a whole bunch of new people, and they need to be taught how to behave with one another. The entire angle of how to behave with your peers and elders begins here. Kids learn to communicate amongst themselves in an environment where everybody is doing the same. This also helps the kids grow emotionally and socially.

Good Health

The very basics of health and hygiene are taught here, wherein teachers try and introduce some healthy habits to the kids. Since everybody in the class does it, they do it too, and soon enough, these actions translate into healthy habits, which becomes a part of the daily routine. It can be as simple as washing your hands before and after eating or learning how to excuse yourself.

Basic Skills

Some kids are born with it, and some have to learn from scratch. Either way, nursery schools help them in honing their skills and make a habit out of them so that they can only get better and better as they grow. Under proper guidance and supervision, the kids also find new-found energy and motivation to pursue things.


This is yet another important thing that is taught at nursery schools. Speech, language and pronunciation form the very foundation of effective communication. Kids are taught how to use them, and best communicate what and how they are feeling. After countless interactions with other kids as well, it flows automatically.

Therefore, these are a few responsibilities that nursery schools have. There are many others too, such as social behaviour, discipline, creativity, self-confidence, listening skills, memory training and so on. As time passes, the difficulty is increased in minute steps to take the kids forward. If you are looking for the best nursery school, do not miss out on Kidzee!

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