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Posted by Rachel on April 7th, 2021

Real food energizes and takes care of us and our bodies on a day-to-day basis.  False or fake food does just the opposite. What we put into our bodies will determine what health state we will end up in.  Seems strange when you think about it in broad strokes like that, but it’s the truth.  Food like New Zealand Manuka Honey can be magical - in more ways than one - but not all food is made equal and cannot be the best Manuka Honey to buy.  Here’s what you should know about your choices!

New Zealand Manuka Honey

What separates real food from false food?

In our case, “real” food is a natural food that comes from farms and nature, such as New Zealand Manuka Honey. False food would be processed and/or “manmade” food, such as takeout or canned ravioli.  Both have much to teach us about the beauty of food.

  • Real food has pronounceable ingredients: You know how picking up that packet of cereal always leaves you wondering what half the ingredients mean with their incessant number of letters?  This is proof that it is false food.  Real food has real, recognizable ingredients that you can read out without having to sound it out.
  • False food tastes great but doesn’t fill you up: Fried and false food taste great, there’s no denying it.  Have you ever noticed, though, that you’re hungry again one hour later?  That’s because it’s doing nothing for your body, as far as health and nutrients.  Your body is still craving what it needs, and it makes you hungry as a result!
  • Real food gives you raw energy: Similarly, eating food that is recognizable and usable by your body is going to give you energy.  Even notice that, when eating healthy regularly, you’ve got more internal, mental, and emotional energy?  A good diet is a reason for that!
  • False food is addictive: The reason that we’re constantly craving greasy pizza, fries, and chocolate syrup is because it is laced with a lot of chemicals and additives that make these food choices as addictive as drugs.  It’s terrifying, really, but it’s the honest truth when you get into the science of it.  Your body craves these foods like any addiction, and the more you eat, the more you crave.  It is no longer an issue of “mind over matter” to resist it.  Real foods won’t do that.  A craving for, say, fresh fruit at 2 am is easily squashed down so that you can get some sleep.  But a craving for a plate of fries?  Not so easy.  Many even find it painful and as strong as an addiction to, say, nicotine or any other kind of hard drug.

Real food designed for real bodies

The honest truth is false fake food is just really bad for you, period.  When you’re ready to take proper care of your body ensuring that you’re doing whatever you can to eliminate health concerns, real ingredients such as those in the best Manuka Honey provide real results.  When you want to give your hard-working body the priority treatment, real food with real ingredients is going to be the best choice. And there is One New Zealand manuka honey on the market that has extra real ingredients in it that are 1000 percent more powerful. Grab a jar of TURNER MANUKA HONEY UAF1000+ and discover the incredible health benefits today.

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