Best way to raise social issues is through native, video ads

Posted by Aaeesha on June 22nd, 2015

Television is a medium that has significance in the entire global market. This has the capacity to reach a larger number of audiences in a short span of time. Advertisers look at it as a very good medium to convey ads as messages via video ads to a very big number of people. The impact of such ads is very quick and also helps to grab a lot of attention.  The revenue generation of the ads is directly related to the turnover or the profit ratio earned by a specific ad company.

The era of video streaming is on the high. Internet is the common platform with desktops and smart phones increasing to a great extent. Native ads basically are content driven and are delivered in a fully integrated manner.  This cannot be controlled as this is completely user-initiated and does not have a limit on the video length. The native ads are said to have a greater impact because it is more viral compared to the video ads. 

The need for high end advertising to promote businesses across the online platform has increased the competition among the advertisers to pitch for the best price and enroute the ads in the right manner. The beauty of video ads is that there is a slot for every business ad and this can be scheduled as per the traffic timing during the day or night to various websites. Once this is identified over a few weeks time then the ads can be conveniently placed in order to drive in more enquiries or responses to any particular site.

The native ads are very much common these days because of the minimal restrictions imposed on controlling such ads.  The freedom of expressing thoughts by way of video depictions has helped people reach out social messages and action oriented themes to be communicated best with the help of such ads. It is seen that the impact of video ads when compared to native ads falls short because of the slight rigidity in the rules laid down by the television channels. With the emergence of new media such as the smart phone apps, the slots have become tight because of the space and the speed in which a message has to be communicated.

India is developing as a very high content generating country with the youth and the adults equally voicing their rights through such ads to voice their concerns. The world is about communicating these days.

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