Lake Golf Balls Great Money Saver for Golf Practice

Posted by best4balls on June 23rd, 2015

The lake is said to be the greediest consumer of golf balls. On average, it swallows at least 40 short-fling balls in a day, which translates to 15,000 each year. Multiply that to the number of golf courses across the globe, you can probably count billions of little white, dimpled balls at the bottom of these golf-ball eaters. Thankfully, all these expensive balls don't necessarily rot away in the water, never to be seen again. Lake balls are recovered cleaned, inspected, and graded so they can be re-sold and used again. 

Recovered lake balls are graded according to their quality and degree of wear and dear. Cut, split, and damaged balls are discarded, while those in good condition are sorted according to brand. Balls that are not in pristine condition are often refinished or refurbished by removing a part of the original coating or cover and repainting so they can have a better appearance. Others are re-sprayed with the manufacturer's logo or brand name. Those that have undergone refurbishing are sold as such and are usually cheaper than those which were found in close to perfect condition and were merely re-polished or cleaned before re-introducing to the market. 

Grading policies may vary depending on the lake ball seller, but the terms they use are fairly standard. Lake ball grades range from pearl to practice grade, with pearl balls referring to recovered ones that are almost as good as new. These balls will often have been hit just once or twice before plunging into the water. These golf balls are often reused after replenishment done to them. 

Prices of lake balls fluctuate as time goes, but these balls are definitely huge money savers as they sell cheaper than brand new balls. Most players take advantage of the fact that lake golf balls give them the chance to pay cheap for some of the best golf ball brands around. Investing in lake balls is a smart and prudent way to enjoy the game, especially when you consider the price of new, top of the line golf balls sold in the market today. While lake golf balls do lose some degree of performance, depending on how long they have been submerged in the water, most players can rarely see or feel the difference. These balls may not be good as new, but they are still in excellent condition and can still give you the quality of play you want. 

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