Very Simple Do It Yourself Cork Flooring Installation

Posted by articlelink01 on June 23rd, 2015

Cork floor installation is the best alternative option. It is a very convenient Eco-friendly choice that reduces your costs of energy because of their excellent insulation features. Moreover, they have fabulous looks. Cork Flooring Installation is relatively easy task, and they are in two categories: a glue-down and floating floor installations. The following is a very quick overview of both of them. Later on, the common steps associated with the installation of your cork floor will be discussed.

Gluing Down Cork Floor

One way of mounting your cork floor is by gluing it down using adhesive. This should be done on clean sub-floor such as hardwood. Thus, the material cost remains low. Even so, the installation cost is very dear. The main disadvantage with this, however, is that in case a tile is damaged and has to be redone, and then it will be very challenging.

Mounting a Floating Floor

Floating floors are usually more popular compared to other types of floors. This is due to the ease of installation. In fact the cork boards are ready-made; hence they are just interlocked with one another. Moreover, they simple to install on an existing floor such as wood, vinyl, or ceramic. The sub-floor where the floating cork floor must be mounted on has to be smooth and dry.

Cork Floor Installation Procedure

Usually, the cork floor tiles come in squares of 12’’. The area on which the tiles are supposed to be mounted must be prepared in advance. The area must be cleaned, dried and made to be even. Such surfaces could be of hardwood or concrete sub-flooring.

In case the sub-floor is concrete, then it is advisable to do repairs on any cracks and damages that might be there. Make sure that the concrete floor is dried, so that the cork tiles appear to be smooth when fixed. You might have to resize the door-frame to ensure the cork tiles are fitting under them. For installation of glue down, the concrete should contain layer of primer.

Cork Flooring Installation

Cork tiles come in a number of designs and shades. Hence upon the reception of your tiles and after adapting them, select the ones that are very appealing to your eyes. Apply the adhesive with caution and allow it to dry in accordance to the instructions of the manufacturer. Apply adequate amount of pressure as you fix each cork tile. This will ensure that all the tiles are totally leveled and smooth. Roll the floor using a roller before applying the sealer. The floor can take a few days to dry depending on the climate of your area. After the mounting process is done, use polyurethane cleaner to scrub the floor.

Lastly, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to the letter. Following the instructions will ensure that your cork floor mounting is done perfectly.

 Note that before the cork tiles are fixed in place, they have to be acclimatized for a few of days in order to get exposed and the best Cork Flooring Installation and the usual room temperatures. If you want the best, then get the best experts to do it for you.

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