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Posted by best4balls on June 23rd, 2015

Using lake golf balls can be a great way to minimise the amount of money you spend on golf balls, especially if you are a beginner. Lake golf balls are sourced from water hazards in golf courses. The best lake golf balls are inspected to ensure that they are suitable to be reconditioned. This way, you can be sure that you are using lake golf balls that can still help you improve your game. 

Many lake golf balls are from the best known brands like Callaway, Titleist, Pinnacle, and Bridgestone, and they are much cheaper than new golf balls. Many lake balls are sold in online golf ball stores all over Europe. Some of the best online golf ball sellers are based in the UK, and they sell lake golf balls that are graded to ensure quality and performance. 

How Are Lake Golf Balls Classified? 

Lake golf balls are graded to ensure savings the optimal quality. Pearl quality balls are almost brand new, with their clean and shiny surface, and a somewhat tacky feel when you touch them. Pearl-A grade balls are packaged with Pearl quality balls and almost new and restored golf balls with some marks or scratches. A-grade balls typically resemble a golf ball that have been through six to nine holes of play, and they can be mixed with pearl quality balls anywhere from a 50/50 to a 25/75 ratio. 

Practise balls are the lowest quality of lake golf balls and are characterized by major discolouration, scratching, and more obvious scuffing. However, practice balls may be perfect for hitting a few and for certain golfers who may want to increase their handicap. The best thing about practise balls is that you do not have to worry about damaging or losing them because they are cheap. 

If you want to purchase lake golf balls online, look for an online golf ball seller that is reputable and recognised as among the best stores in the UK and Europe. Choose an online golf ball seller that checks the prices of its products daily. This way, the seller can ensure the best prices and the best selection in new and lake golf balls. Some lake golf balls are perfect to be personalised for a special occasion or to serve as a gift for someone. There are online golf ball sellers that can add a photo, image, or a message on the golf ball. 

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The article is written by Daryl Scott, who is associated with Best4Balls. Best4Balls have the biggest selection of golf balls online in the UK and Europe. Our prices are checked daily to ensure that we offer you the best prices and selection online. Most of our golf balls are available both logo and personalized for printing your company logo, text, photo or image.

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