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Posted by Ambitious Agency on April 8th, 2021

Facebook Advertising is the new age marketing beast. No denying that Facebook Ads have the muscles to work up excellent competitive research. 

Speaking of which, answer a simple question, 'What do you really know about the social advertising strategies of your competitors?' Competitor research is a crucial part of any online advertising strategy. The way to kick in the research is via Facebook Ads Library. Not many will find this obvious, but it can naturally help you to find a pool of creative, profitable, and, more importantly, insightful ideas from your competitors. 

How to use Facebook Ads Library

Visit the Facebook  Ads Library and search for particular brands and topics. You can also filter the data considering the country, and other categories like housing, politics, employment, and so on. If you search for a business page, an associated cover image and brief details about it will appear. 

A Brand's Ads

Here's what you can find about your competitor's ads: 

Once the ads appear on the screen, you can scroll down a see when it was posted. 

The icons on the top of the ad show the placements where the ads ran. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. 

You can find relevant reports detailing potential reach, impressions, and amount spent through additional information options. 

You can also get the demographics data that shows age, gender, and geographic breakdown. 

Creative takeaways 

When glancing through the competitors' Facebook advertising images and captions, you can tell a lot about their brand's positioning and other creative areas they're efforting into. Looking at their ads, you can analyze the different types of creative formats that they are using. See if the ads involve designing custom images or stock images. With that, you can also ideate upon the copy that is worked on the images such as this. 

Copy Takeaways

Attentively studying the copies used in the competitor's ads tell you a lot about positioning themselves. See if they're writing in a colloquial or formal tone, using long-term or short-term copy. Considering the similar variants of copy also helps to know how they are appealing to the users.

Sales and offers 

Inspecting various Facebook advertising campaigns lets you see how often sales happen and what offers are promoted usually. Filter the ads with a date selector to search for the most popular sales posts around times like Black Friday. Brands generally post ads about percentage discounts, amount discounts, discounts for first-time buyers or returning buyers, and other offer codes. 

Learning about the targets 

Through the basic demographic information about some specific categories, you can make educated guesses about how the other brands target their audiences. For instance, the ads may be targeting cart abandoners by applying a specific format of messages. 

Take some visits to  Facebook Ads Library or allow Facebook Ads Wellington experts to search through essential components on your competitor's pages. These Facebook Ads Wellington experts can efficiently review the copy and other creative ideas to improve your own ads and positioning as a brand on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

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