Track your child?s school bus while at home

Posted by Aaeesha on June 23rd, 2015

They woke up in the morning to the sound of the calling bell. Their neighbor looked paranoid and asked if we could help them find their son who was missing since last evening. It seems that the boy had not returned from the school last evening. I asked if they were not using the school bus tracking system in their child’s school. The helpless parents looked all the more shocked. It is time to take measures to ensure that children are safe at school.

The new rules pertaining to school administrations in most of the metro cities in the country emphasize that the school bus tracking software should be implemented to help track the whereabouts of students from the time they leave their home to returning back from school in the school run buses. 

Earlier there was a time when children had to travel a long distance to reach their schools relying on the public transport or their parents’ vehicles. Now times have changed as the technology paces at high speed and school buses are very common for the benefit of the children residing a little far away. With the rising incidents of students getting kidnapped and reports of them not having reached home in the school buses questions the credibility of the school authorities and bus drives to a great extent. The solution is quite a blessing because school bus tracking system is synced in a way the application specific for a school can be downloaded in the smart phone of the parent. 

The monitoring of the bus timing, routes taken and most important the driver details can be easily tracked at anytime. This is an automated process and all the details of the students boarding the bus till they are dropped at their homes are accurately checked. Most of the schools in the western countries make use of the school bus tracking software quite extensively. In India, the need is becoming very urgent because of the unpleasant incidents of missing students being reported on a frequent basis. Schools have taken this responsibility with prime importance so as to ensure that every student is safe. There is also a strict watch on the school bus driver activities so as to check if they are trustworthy and dedicated employees of the specific schools. The tracking system put in place, parents and schools can be tension free and focus on the education.


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