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Posted by Ahmedali099 on April 8th, 2021

Additionally he offered me with workouts for doing aware Heart Travel. (We're speaking true knowledge here, perhaps not symbolism or imagination). I began to make use of these workouts, trying to replicate my earlier experience. And I did! Small did I know the religious adventure had just begun.The guide spoke about words I could play or chant as a link to hear the internal sounds of God, and the way the internal appears could take me to raised states of mind and on internal travels personal concierge.

It discussed that contemplation was active and experiential, whereas meditation is just a more passive and however approach. He explained these internal sides, like the looks of every world or aircraft - bodily, astral (emotional), causal (memories), emotional (mind) and etheric (subconscious). Beyond these set the sides of Heart, beyond space and time. What an adventure.

OM (or Aum) is the chant for going into the sound or consciousness of the psychological plane. It is one of many sounds from God. A good example of it's use is when some body asks you a concern and you wait by stating "um...".Basically you are going into your brain mind for an answer. It's not a poor thing as the intellectual earth is full of religious experiences. But there are worlds beyond space and time, beyond your brain, to be investigated when you yourself have the courage.

Even as a boy I seen sounds within myself, singing and humming sounds. But till then I did not know this is really how God communicates around, anything everyone can hear by exercising religious workouts and offering internal focus on it. Besides the term OM there's also the term HU, a pure Love song to God.A SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT YOU CAN TRY: Play the term OM a couple of times. Start your center to it and observe any sensations within yourself. Next decide to try singing the term HU (It is distinct HU, like HUGH) in a drawn out style 2-3 occasions - as in HUUUuuuu.

While the OM brings a sense of calm and calm to your head, you might have noticed that the word HU comes with an uplifting influence, a sense of the heart opening. Perhaps you're feeling light, or that the room is lighter. Equally are amazing, and each starts the mind in different ways. The OM performs in the emotional mind, the HU works together God consciousness.

The term HU, a historical Sanskrit word for God and the original origin of the word Lord, features a special capability to open ones center to Gods love and guidance. It's the noise behind all looks in life. Applied before sleep the HU may open your mind to desire journey, and to have with the Mild and Sound of God. This Gentle and Noise is God's many strong communication.

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