5 SEO HACKS 2021

Posted by mehul on April 8th, 2021

Search engine metrics change every year. They get better. From simply being tools for users to find what they want, to becoming the biggest forces of marketing and customer experience, search engines have come a long way. To leverage the search engine and big changes, you need to know the top SEO trends. SEO trends also change according to a better understanding of user behaviour. You can use these trends for best SERPs and increase revenue through higher, relevant traffic to your website. So, here are the 10 important 2021 SEO trends:

1. Structured Data

Google algorithms are still catching up to the judging quality, but SEOs can do a lot to help the algorithms for now. Structured data is the best way to help search engines understand the content on your page, how they are related to each other, and other pages of the website. Properly structuring data is actually a long-term solution that will also help you be found through other mediums of search, chatbots, AI assistants, etc. Structured data also eases online marketing activities. So, trends are not, you should be structuring the data on your website.

2. Optimization for Google Knowledge Graph & Entity

The entities on your website should be optimised to appear in Google Knowledge Graph’s Knowledge Panels. This activity has to be aimed at users as well as crawlers. Your entities need to be tied to your critical content. This way, there’s a good chance Google will recognise this content and the entity will appear in the knowledge panel. Your website is going high, relevant traffic.

One of the best examples of the importance of entities is local SEO. Despite not having a website, local businesses rank through local SEO. The key here is entity. You can tap into this strategy to rank on the search page.

3. Programming

Programming has long been ignored by most SEOs, but they don’t understand that programming can help focus on better marketing and branding. Through programming languages like R and Python, SEOs can automate a lot of their tasks, and have free time to focus on time-consuming SEO activities. These languages are the main language used in machine learning and data science. Therefore, knowing these
languages will also increase your horizons, and help you be a better SEO.

4. Plan for Zero Click Searches

Marketing on the search engine page is just as important as marketing on your website. The snippet you see on the SERP, you can use it to optimise your website along with other things like favicon, which will help in mobile search. You can also do image targeting, use new schemas and optimise for Knowledge Graph. In the future, you will be competing for clicks with news, events, and even map packs. So, you have to strategize for them as well. Just imagine if your snippet gets featured on the search page, or if not, it is featured under ‘People Also Ask for This’. You will be getting quite a few clicks.

5. Link Building for Branding

So far, link building has always been about numbers. The main target was to get higher on the search engine page. But now, you need to move away from this strategy, or rather, add another focal point. You have to build links with branding and marketing point-of-view. You need to have a customer-first approach with due importance given to journalistic writing.

When customers know and trust a brand and know about the quality of their content, they will happily share and recommend you and your content, and try out your product and services. Once you have gained a customer’s trust, it is only a matter of time you get their business.


Make use of these top trends for 2021 to rank your website. These trends are also going to become the best practises so you are going to see the long-term benefits of using the advice given above.

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