What Are the Benefits of Using Zinc Plating?

Posted by Alvin Smith on April 8th, 2021

Zinc Electroplating is cost-effective and environment friendly. It makes the metal long-lasting and durable. 

Zinc Plating is done on small metal parts such as screws, switch plates, etc. to save them from corrosion. Zinc is a blueish-white metal that is coated on iron or other metals to save them from damage. There are two types of zinc plating: zinc plating and zinc flake coating.

Zinc Plating Overview 

Zinc Plating is also known as Galvanizing. This method is used to apply a thin coating of zinc on other metal surfaces. Zinc oxide makes a protective layer of zinc on the metal and saves it from various environmental damages. 

It is mostly used in iron and steel parts to save them from rusting. 

Benefits of Zinc Plating 

In adding to saving the metal from corrosion and environmental damages Zinc Plating Chemical has other added advantages as follows: 

  • Higher Strength: 

Zinc Plating Chemical can increase the overall strength of the metal. It makes the metal more durable and long-lasting. 

  • Easier Formability: 

Metals can be made to undergo huge pressure after using Zinc Plating Chemical. This increases the ability of metals to be formed into any shape without breaking. 

  • Lighter Material Weight: 

Zinc Plating also reduces the weight of the finished product. A slight reduction in the weight of the finished metal product can be beneficial to the customer and the manufacturer. 

  • Greater Recyclability: 

Zinc Plating increases the recyclability of such metals. Because a rusted iron cannot be successfully recycled. Zinc Plating saves the metal from corroding making it more suitable for recycling. 

  • Cost-Effective: 

Zinc Plating is cheaper than any other kind of plating for the manufacturer. It reduces the production cost of the metal parts. 

  • Application of Zinc Plating 

Plated metal is used in various household and industrial products. Plated metals are mostly used in the following industries: 

  • For Automobile Industry: 

Car parts are zinc plated to make them look more attractive and also to save them from rusting, etc. It is also used in steerings and brake calipers. 

  • For Hardware Industry: 

It is used for making brackets and fasteners. 

  • For Military Industry: 

It is used in underbody and suspension components. It is also used in the weapon system, arms, and accessories. 

Zinc Electroplating 

Zinc Electroplating makes the metals resistant to water. It makes them waterproof. And also gives them a shiny finish that makes them look attractive. 

Zinc is more reactive than steel hence coating this on top of say, steel or iron, saves the metals from corrosion. 

The rate of corrosion of zinc is at least 10 times slower than iron and steel which slower the chances of degradation of the metal. Zinc Electroplating makes the metal long-lasting.  

Advantages of Zinc Electroplating 

  1. Low Cost: 

Zinc Electroplating is a low-cost method to make the metal attractive and also save it from environmental forces. 

  1. Improves Durability: 

The rate of corrosion of zinc is lower than that of steel or iron which makes it more suitable to use as a coating metal. It degrades at a slower rate and increases the life of the metal. It creates a physical barrier for the metal. This stops the moisture from reaching the metal underneath and thus prevents rusting or corrosion. 

  1. Environment Friendly: 

Zinc is more of an environment-friendly choice when it comes to metal plating. Because zinc can be recycled and reused. This is a great advantage as it does not cause pollution. 

  1. Aesthetics: 

Applying zinc coating improves the look of the metal and metal parts. Zinc coating adds a shine and gloss to the metal surface and makes it look attractive. That’s why zinc coating is mostly preferred in the automobile industry. Different chemicals can be added to get the desired color on the metal. 

Zinc Flake Coating

Another type of zinc coating is called Zinc Flake Coating. This method is mostly used to zinc coat the small metal parts such as nut and bolt. 

Zinc is mixed with aluminum flakes in zinc flake coating. This coating is done in two layers: the base coat and the topcoat. Zinc coating is applied on top to save the metal from corrosion. 

Benefits of Zinc Flake Coating 

  • A versatility in shapes. Zinc Flake coating can be done of all small and big metal parts. It can be done in all types of shapes for different layers of thicknesses and colors. 

  • Extreme resistant to high temperature. 

  • High durability. 


Zinc Metal plating adds a shine and gloss to the metal surface and makes them look attractive. It is mostly used in the automobile industry as most car parts are zinc plated.

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