An Introduction to wall lamps

Posted by Destiny on April 8th, 2021

The most popular lampshades available are (in alphabetical order):

Candle Shades

Candle shades are best suited to give the most light without casting shadows. This shade is particularly suited for entertaining as this is the right mix of light and creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Cylinder Shades

Cylinder shades cut a distinctive profile on table and floor lamps and can really enhance intricate lamps. Cylinder shades are chosen more for their design than their lighting benefits.

Empire Shades

The empire shade is the most traditional and frequently used shape for table lampshades. An empire shade is shaped so that the top diameter is half the circumference of the bottom diameter. This makes the shades easily adaptable to all lamp styles. These shades are particularly favourable for traditional or Victorian interior styles.


Oval lampshades cast a more confined light and are best suited to lamp styles which echo the oval shape. Handled lamps and urn shapes are particularly popular for this shape and style lampshade.


Rectangle lampshades are chosen for their style and shape, over the light which they cast. These are becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to the increased popularity for modern and contemporary styles. When combined with a similar style lamp, these can create a fresh and modern look for your home.

Silk half

Silk half shades are very popular as these are open at the back which as a result casts an indirect glow. These are commonly used more for wall lamps than table lamps, however this lampshade works well in both styles. Due to the unrestricting back, the glow lights up the wall and room well without being direct light. This lampshade easily creates a warm and comforting atmosphere.


Similar to the rectangle lampshades, the square lampshade is chosen for its style over the lighting qualities. Square lamps are associated with contemporary styles and have a fresh modern look. A square lamp base is the perfect complement to this shape lampshade.

Tapered Drum

A tapered drum shade is an adaptable shade and suits most styles and shapes well. These shades allow a good amount of light to be emitted, without being too bright. Most commonly, the fabric used for tapered drum shades is cotton chintz which is a very common and versatile fabric. This material is ideal for diffused light and longevity, as if handled gently, these shades are easily cleaned with a damp cloth to retain their quality and appearance.

Lampshades are an item which should be chosen once you know the style and feel that you want your room to have. The range of shades available now is so wide that you should be able to achieve any look that you wish to create.

Most lamps require either floor or table space to be put into a room that needs light, and this can sometimes be a problem when there is not extra space. Instead of using a floor or table lamp, wall sconces and wall lamps can be used. Wall sconces and wall lamps are lighting fixtures that can be attached directly to a wall, and can provide the same amount of light as any basic lamp.

Wall sconces and wall lamps work great in places that need extra light, such as hallways, bathrooms, or even living and bedrooms. They only require a small space on any wall, yet can provide enough light to light up an entire room. Originally wall sconces and wall lamps were meant for hallways and other areas

where a floor lamp would not fit, but they are now being put in many different rooms to add a decorative touch along with a significant amount of light.

Wall sconces and wall lamps do require a little installation, since they must be mounted to a wall and minimal electrical work must also be done. Even though installing wall sconces and wall lamps may be a little bit harder than a typical floor or table lamp, they can save you space while adding a beautiful decoration to almost any room.

You can even choose to install a wall sconce that uses candles rather than a light bulb, since they require less installation and you can display your favorite candles almost anywhere in your home. They look great in entryways or hallways, and can still provide light in darker areas that may need it.

Not only are wall sconces and wall lamps great for lighting up darker rooms or areas in your home, but also work great to create certain atmospheres in some rooms. You can install a wall sconce in your laundry room to add a little energy to it, or even place one in your dark hallway to make it seem bright and welcoming. Wall sconces and wall lamps also work great in bedrooms, since they can provide enough light to read at night or watch a movie.

Because wall sconces and wall lamps come in a number of different styles and sizes, it is very simple to find one that can fit almost any room. More traditional sconces and lamps would look great in a formal dining wall lamps or living room, while unique and colorful ones may look great in a bedroom or playroom for kids. Because wall sconces and wall lamps are placed on a wall rather than a table or the floor, you will never have to worry about a child knocking one down or breaking a lamp.

With wall sconces [] and wall lamps becoming more popular in the decorative world, they are very easy to find. Lamp specialty stores and even hardware stores contain a wide variety of wall sconces [] and wall lamps, or they can be purchased at a number of different online stores. They can be found with lights that shine up or down, and even some that can be put either way. Wall sconces and wall lamps are great when trying to add some extra light to almost any room, and also work great to add a beautiful decorative touch to your home.


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