Developing An On-demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix: Cost, Features & More!

Posted by Consagous Technologies on April 8th, 2021

Today, Entertainment & media app developmentsolution like on-demand video streaming has turned out to be more time-saving and comfortable than watching TV. These platforms have seen a drastic increase in their popularity and demand. These are more attractive to users than watching TV shows as they have complete control over the videos being streamed and can watch their favorite movies and serials without any interruptions.

The apps related to these platforms have seen a tremendous spike in the number of apps available on the app marketplace for downloads. So in this blog, you will get to know about the development of video streaming app, features, and costings.

What is an on-demand video streaming app?

Before knowing about the development of video streaming apps, let’s discuss and learn what is on-demand video streaming?

A video-on-demand mobile app is a system that allows users to choose a movie, serial, and web series of their choice and watch it at any point in time as per their wish. All one needs to do is installing any video streaming app, register, plugin any device (like mobile, TV, or laptop), and start viewing anything of one’s choice.

Difference Between OTT and VOD

OTT or Over The Top are online channels or applications that have an entire library consisting of movies, shows, short videos, and web series. Netflix and Hulu are examples of OTT platforms.

VDO or Video on Demand are platforms that offer a wide range of choices between web series, TV series, movies, etc. Two examples of VOD platforms are Youtube and Amazon Prime.

But, is there any difference between these two platforms? Let’s have a look:

·        OTT platforms are a subset of VOD.

·        OTT can be accessed free of cost, while users need to pay for the channels they wish to subscribe to VOD.

·        VOD gives access to unlimited videos to users, while OTT does not.

Cost to develop a VOD app

Similar to all other apps, the cost for the development of a video streaming app also depends on the features, size of the app, and other such factors. Also, the charges would differ depending on the reputation of the assigned team providing you with the entertainment app development solutions.

Have a look at the charges based on countries:

·        U.S.-based developers charge 50 to 250 dollars an hour.

·        Developers from Eastern Europe charge 30 to 150 dollars per hour.

·        Indian developers charge 10 to 80 dollars per hour.

The development costs of an app are often estimated only after the approximation of time that might be spent by the developers over the video streaming app development.

General Features of VOD app:

The general features of any app will be based on two panels i.e. Admin Panel and User Panel.

Admin Panel Features

The major features in your VOD app admin panel will be:

·        Mass video Upload

·        Users and subscribers management

·        Managing subscriptions and memberships

·        Adding videos, albums, styles, and artists.

·        Removing videos, albums, styles, and artists.

·        Video Publishing at one click.

·        Managing advertisements and promotions

User Panel Features

The major features included in your VOD app user panel will be:

·        Browsing and searching content

·        Language and genre selection

·        Creating a personalized playlist

·        Downloading videos offline

·        Play video in the background

·        Managing profile and devices

·        Subscription renewal or discontinuation

·        Managing watch history

·        Video preview before playing

Advanced Features of VOD app:

A video-on-demand app should also be loaded with the following advanced features:

User Onboarding

A VOD app should navigate a new user through the entire app. It should be explaining all the in-app features properly.

Behaviour Tracking

It is very essential to know the interest of the users. According to their search records saved in the backend, it gets easy to suggest them with the movies or series based on related genres. This also helps in promoting any content and increasing views.

Realtime Analytics

This means that the admin can analyze the real-time statistics of live viewers and broadcasters graphically in the form of reports, graphs, pie charts, etc all over the admin panel dashboard. This helps the admin to strategize ideas and to market the content accordingly.

Push notifications

Any recent updates would be notified to the users. This offers a more natural and seamless experience for the users.

Streaming Quality

The VOD app should ensure to provide an HQ/HD video quality to the users. The app should also be able to decide the quality of streaming by itself, depending on the bandwidth of the network connection. It would be better to keep the lower option of the video quality to 144p and higher options up to 4k for the best viewing experiences.

With a rise in demand for OTTs and online streaming video content, media & entertainment app development solutions like video-on-demand apps are also in demand. A company launching such a VOD app should be well-versed with the latest market trends and procedures in the video streaming industry.

Get the best VOD and entertainment app development solutions that can showcase videos related to sports, news, and entertainment. At Consagous Technologies, we have a highly professional and experienced team of on-demand mobile app developers. We understand your needs and bring the absolute best solutions to fulfill your needs.


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