Social Media Marketing: Generate Sales in Boston via the Internet

Posted by Turnoverweb on June 24th, 2015

Every business needs a multifaceted marketing strategy—one that exploits different channels that target consumers deem valuable. Now that social media has taken an important place in the daily lives of people, businesses across the globe are also discovering great many ways this social channel can contribute to the growth and success of their organization.

In a survey conducted by Hubspot, at least 92% of participating marketers indicated that their marketing efforts through social media have generated great exposure for their business. Eighty percent of the same population indicated an increase in their overall web traffic. These numbers say a lot about the value of social media marketing, but how exactly do social media marketing strategies help generate sales for a business? The following list might help you gain a deeper understand this aspect of marketing:

  • Social media helps you gather customer intelligence. Improved audience insight is very beneficial because it allows you to tap into your audiences' (and potential customers') passions. Getting to know the very people you are servicing will help you improve the way you cater to their needs. Obtaining insight into what your consumers are talking about over social media will help you create content that answers their questions.
  • Ample customer intelligence leads to enhanced customer service. While your business email and phone lines are always open to handle consumer issues, social media channels allow you to answer to consumer requests real-time. The rapidly moving world doesn't have time to wait around for email support and some consumers are more comfortable airing their queries in front of a screen than over the phone. Handling issues in the way that consumers prefer (this time, via social media), can truly boost customer service. Tackling customer issues in public format also lets other customers and potential customers see how good you handle business. This also adds transparency.
  • Content can easily be published and propagated via social media. In fact, social sites play an important part in content marketing distribution plans. Instead of passively waiting for SEO to kick in, distribute content via social media. This propels publicity and paradoxically helps boost search optimization by creating social buzz for your content. After all, it is through these social sites that everything goes viral.
  • These and more lead to enhanced credibility, brand awareness, increased traffic, and enhanced SEO rankings for your business—all while you save a great deal of resources. Social media marketing boils down to increased sales and bottom line as you cut back on marketing costs.

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The article writer Elizabeth Cachay is associated with Turnover. Turnover is a digital marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Tracking, Reputation Management, Mobile SEO, and Spanish SEO.

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