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Posted by gracedashen on June 24th, 2015

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Bioware has announced that over 90% discounts will be offered for swtor character transfers for a while from June 23. But is it a big gain for all players to transfer character at a low price, or actually a loss due to failure of transferring contents and decorations of Legacy storage to new server?

Details about character transfers with over 90% off

According to the officials, this promotion is held in honor of the new digital expansion-Knights of the Fallen Empire. To celebrate its’ announcement, over 90% discounts will be provided for all players (including new player, an old subscriber coming back, or a player who has been around a while), on June 23 and lasts for a limited time. Once the discount available, you will pay only 90 Cartel Coins for each character transfer.

Disadvantages of the character transfers promotion

Firstly, according to some players, the promotion will rip active servers, such as PoT5 and Jung ma, due to its low cost to move to new server. “This is not the proper way to give Pot5 and Jung Ma players a better population.” There are 40-70 active players on Pub fleet during prime time, and when players PVP sometimes they still end up with pub vs pub. But this promotion will kill it more, so it would be better if they only encouraged new players to hop on it.

Secondly, there will be more loss if you transfer your entire guild with the 99 cartel coins promo. The database for your character was made long before guildships and strongholds existed. Therefore, guildships and strongholds technically cannot transfer over because no one "owns" the ship and its decorations, you have to take them down and buy a new ship on the new server whereas the same goes for strongholds but your legacy does have the number of decorations, and you just need to re-decorate. Simply said, everything transfers except the contents of Legacy storage and the decoration state of your Strongholds, so you keep unlocked Legacy storage bays and unlocked stronghold. Thus, the millions of swtor credits us would be required to dump into the guild.

Ideas to deal with the problems on servers and guild

Due to the server issue, someone suggests that Bioware should makes servers merged. While considering the guild problem, providing a paid flagship/guild bank transfer would be more acceptable. However, these are all players’ ideas that haven’t been adopted, so the most useful suggestion should be making a level 1 character and asking someone for flagship/stronghold access and check the GTN of servers yourself.

The low cost is still attractive, especially for those who eager to move to new servers with their friends. In fact, there are still pros of transferring it during promo activity. So if you also wait for its’ coming, make sure to know well about disadvantages & advantages, and then take suitable measure to maximize your benefit. For your game enjoy, you can buy cheap swtor credits with 5% free bonus on Swtor2credits!

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