Pre-Employment Aptitude Test: Designed To Analyze Capable Candidates

Posted by Interview Mocha on June 24th, 2015

Pre-employment testing can help improve your company's hiring process. Consider having pre-employment tests professionally developed and validated to increase your chances of hiring candidates who can do well on their job. Proper pre-employment testing lets you recruit people who will ultimately help your organization achieve higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and minimal turnover. When you can hire the right employees, your company will enjoy the benefits of higher productivity, better employee retention, and reduced training and hiring costs. An effective testing solution can provide objective data that also enhances the defensibility of your company's hiring process.

The result of a well implemented pre-employment aptitude testing program is an accurate predictor of a candidate's job performance in the future. A good test can objectively assess a person’s ability to do well in a certain job. For example, research has proven the superior reliability of cognitive aptitude tests in accurately predicting job performance. These tests performed better than other conventional employee selection methods.

Don’t stop at experience and educational levels when seeking new employees. Be sure to make applicants undergo pre-employment aptitude tests, which are more accurate in predicting someone’s future performance. This is because these tests measure a person's ability to learn and use new information, reasoning, and logic—all crucial to a variety of jobs. If you are looking for candidates for job functions where critical thinking and problem solving are important, then you cannot do without aptitude tests. Pre-employment aptitude tests ultimately help you make more efficient and successful hiring decisions. When you improve your selection methods, you can increase your likelihood of hiring people who are more productive and more likely to stay with your company. You also reduce your turnover costs.

These tests also improve the objectivity of your hiring process. Companies must use a legally compliant and equitable employee selection process to ensure that you are not discriminating against certain individuals. Hence, pre-employment aptitude tests can improve your organization's legal exposure and ensure compliance with lawful hiring practices.

You can outsource the creation of your pre-employment aptitude test. This can be a reasonably priced and a reliable way to get a high-quality pre-employment aptitude test that is designed with your specific goals in mind. Look for a reputable pre-employment testing solution company with a friendly support team that can build custom tests based on your unique recruitment needs.

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Akshar Thakur is the Customer Success Manager of that is a pre-employment testing solution for skills in Business, Finance, Marketing, Design, Development, IT and many more. They help companies Worldwide to objectively measure skills related to all facets of the hiring process - Technical Skills, Business Skills, Aptitude Skills, Communication Skills, Designing skills, Marketing skills, Sales skills etc. in a single test. They make the recruitment process easier & faster.

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