Office 2019 vs. Microsoft 365: Which One Is Better and Why?

Posted by Alan Owen on April 8th, 2021

Ask any corporate salary man, and he/she will tell you how vital an office suite is for any organization. There aren’t many office suites available on the market, and even if there are, you can’t find them competing against eminent ones like Office 2019 and Microsoft 365.

Office 2019 vs Microsoft 365

You must be surprised to know that both Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 are products of the same company, yet the rivalry among them is not hitting the brakes anytime soon.

The disruptive forces of the pandemic left us dependent on various digital products. Office suites proved that, no matter how bad the situation will be, managing files, documents, and paper will always be the priority for the corporate offices.

If you are confused with the limited choices between choosing Microsoft 365 and Office 2019, worry not because we’ll be looking at all the possible aspects of selecting an office suite in 2021.

Although both the products offer the same set of apps, and logically, there is no difference between the two, the cost of ownership and additional benefits are hard to miss. Here is everything you need to know about Office 2019 and Microsoft 365, along with their price/subscription packages.

How to select an office suite for your company?

There are various aspects you have to take into account while selecting an office suite for your organization. Things like budget, features, apps, and add-on add value to the office suite. Here is a list of things you need to check before opting for an office suite.

  1. Always ensure that you can share files & documents with your office suite. If you purchase an office suite that 2-3 people can only use, you might have to opt for another one because sharing, editing, and managing files is the core job of all the office employees.
  2. Check for additional benefits or future updates so that your office suite can stay relevant in the future.
  3. Check for bugs and online tech support. This will make sure that you can fix any error ASAP without hampering your workflow.

Microsoft Office 2019

The Office 2019 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office, and it is the standalone office suite that doesn’t require an active subscription package. Meaning, you don’t have to pay the monthly/yearly subscription fee, and you can download a copy of the product with a one-time payment.

Once purchased, you can install and update the files on a single device, which means you won’t be able to update it for the new & upcoming Office 2021.

Office 2019 offers all the core Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, but it lacks extra features and add-ons available with the subscription-based Microsoft 365. For example, you can’t use next-gen features like AI, cloud storage, Outlook premium, and free calling credits using Skype, the bare minimum for the new-age office suites.

Should you buy Office 2019?

If you are self-employed or a college student, then yes. But if you are working in a multinational company with hundreds of employees, then probably no. Microsoft designed Office 2019 for people and businesses who are not yet ready for the cloud and like to keep things simple and straightforward. Office 2019 makes sense for a small clothing store that doesn’t want features like AI, cloud storage, or Skype phone calls. You can also use Office 2019 students and teachers at schools and colleges where there is less need for cloud and AI technologies.

Additionally, you get the benefits of a one-time payment, and if you want to stick with the traditional method and save a few bucks on your office suite, then you should check out Office 2019 because you can’t get a better deal than this one.

Microsoft 365

Since the name shift from Office 365 to Microsoft 365, nothing much has changed in the features and apps. You get the same old Word, Excel, Powerpoint, along with some additional add-ons. Overall, Microsoft 365 is the same as Office 365 plus the subscription package.

However, we are not overlooking the extra features you get with Microsoft 365, like access to up to six devices and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft 365 is the most recommended office suite in the world because, through its subscription-based systems, users get more benefits and better control of people who are reading, writing, and using your content.

Should you buy Microsoft 365?

If you want to collaborate in real-time and want more users/PCs to help you manage your office files, then look no further than Microsoft 365. However, if you want a simple solution for managing your school homework, writing assignments, or bookkeeping, Microsoft 365 won’t won’t be the best choice here.

With Microsoft 365, you can access all the latest Microsoft apps and receive your product’s newest updates. Additionally, you can opt for two cloud service plans that offer various features and add-ons. The first is the “Microsoft 365 Personal”, for a year (or /month). The second is the “Micro “oft 365 Family”, which comes at the price of 0 per year (/month).

Final thoughts

If we count the features and the add-ons you get with Microsoft 365, then it is the best office suite in the market. Any growing business would want a sophisticated solution to manage their office files, and Microsoft 365 ticks all the right dots when it comes to professional office management. It has the best tools, features, add-ons, and services to manage modern offices with high-grade security and ease of use. Furthermore, by unlocking the premium version of, you get everything in the free version plus 50GB of storage space, no ads, and high encryption on messages. While Office 2019 does what it does best, Microsoft 365 offers more robust and technically astute features that complement the modern world with modern humans.


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