Horse hard into the FIFA President of the candidate must overcome many obstacles

Posted by Cassandra27 on June 25th, 2015

If Argentina Diego Maradona intends to run for FIFA president really, he had to overcome many obstacles to get nominated as a candidate.

According to FIFA election regulations, a player must have got mixed horse FIFA Joint nominate five members, while the related audit by FIFA.

Intentionally broke the horse’s run for FIFA president Morales Uruguay reporters: “When I talk with Maradona FIFA president election issue, he said, ‘I am the candidates’.”

When Blatter FIFA earlier this month announced that it would resign the presidency, the Venezuelan President Maduro called on by the horse immediately succeed Blatter. However, the horse stir up many a player has trouble, because corruption scandals FIFA eager to establish a new image, a new image of horse and conversation with FIFA desire far.

FIFA, the horse to get five members of Joint nominations will not be easy. Cuba might support the horse, because he and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is closely related, there is Venezuela. However, FIFA does not allow political interference football affairs, which makes the two countries complicate the nomination Maradona. Another possibility is that the UAE supports the horse, since 2010 led Argentina to the World Cup, Maradona coached only in the UAE, the local popular.

Maradona can count on few countries, even though his native Argentina nor the Assembly to support his campaign, because the horse with the former Argentine Football Association 席格隆多纳 against each other, longtime chairman Grondona of Argentina, died last July although But the Argentine Football Association still has influence. In the Argentina Football Association seems to support Maradona campaign is indeed an insult Grondona.

Until now, many members still support Blatter FIFA, Blatter malicious attacks still fresh horse. Horse April this year said: “We are hopeful to kick ass on Blatter, he was kicked out of FIFA.”

Even if the horse was nominated, he also faces candidacy FIFA audit, responsible for this work is the Chairman of the Audit Committee of FIFA Scala. Scala Maradona will decide whether the candidates meet the basic requirements, that is, before the election five years as a football official positions in at least two years, and the horse in the UAE over the past five years only one club more than a year as coach position . is safest shop to buy wow gold, fifa coins, runescape gold, swtor credits & other mmo gold.

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