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Posted by juanoliv3 on June 25th, 2015

Cooking is an art. Not everyone can bring that special flavor in what they create. That requires the instinct of food lover who is passionate about cooking. A great recipe becomes a scrumptious delicacy when the chefs give it a personal touch by using taste enhancement ingredients like truffle salt and French salt. These salts are usually used as finishing salts to render a perfect balance to the dominant flavors of the entree. At times they are also used during cooking. The most interesting part about these salts are that they can bring about complete transformation to the original recipe even if they are used in very small quantities, being a bit pricey. Now, you can also get packages of both these salts at a discounted rate if you order online from a good e-shop.   

French salt – origin and usage

Originally found in Guerande in France where sea water falls into the marshes during high tides, the French salt or the French Grey salt can add an incredible flavor to your special culinary creations. This salt is hand harvested by the salt workers in Guerande. Centuries old traditional methods are used to harvest this salt with skills that are special to the people located here. For those of you who aren’t aware, the grayish tint in the salt comes from the natural process of salt crystallizing on clay. There are no impurities or external colors or flavors added to this salt and they are imported only after they are given the certification label of Nature and Progres from France.

The French salt is found as fine grains used in salt shakers, coarse grains for grinder, as a finishing salt and brine solution to be used for cooking meat. The salt is a hundred percent natural and can be stored for ten years. Even if it gets dampened there is no reason to worry. The natural harvesting process makes it vulnerable to damp due to ingrained moisture.

Truffle salt – origin and use

Also known as the Black Truffle salt, this is one of the most expensive salts in the world and is used to add a wonderful flavor to any recipe. If you are using a variety of rich flavors in your recipe then using this salt will harmonize the entire preparation and give it a natural balance. They are usually found only as fine grains, naturally white in color with truffle flakes added. You would prefer to use the truffle salt as a finishing salt to add that extra zing to your potato, egg, meat and pasta preparations. You can also add this as salad salt. Any type of boiled or roasted recipes will also be compatible to the flavor of this salt. 

There are online shopping portals that specially deal with different kinds of salts used for cooking or therapeutic purposes. You need to find a reliable company that sells these salts through web shopping and then you can order for your pack of French salt or truffle salt at a discounted price. Since these salts are originally expensive, finding them at a lesser price is like a blessing for anyone who loves to cook or try out different flavors in an old recipe. 

Using truffle salt or French salt adds a great taste and flavor to your recipe.

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