All 8 Cut the Rope Games and What they Are

Posted by Myers Sargent on April 8th, 2021

In October last year, Cut the Rope officially became 10 years old. Despite being relatively old, Cut the Rope has experienced unparalleled success throughout the years. Cut the Rope is currently enjoying sustained success because of its numerous sequels. Of course, eight widely differing versions of the game can be confusing for beginners so we decided to create a short list differentiating the sequels of the game. • Cut the Rope – The progenitor of the cutting galore! Cut the Rope has become a permanent and continuously popular name among mobile games. Cut the Rope is a puzzle game that relies a lot on physics. There is a candy that is in each level and it has certain obstacles that can be surpassed if the player cuts the rope effectively. The more the levels get higher, the challenge of getting the candy of course becomes harder. • Cut the Rope: Experiments – This is the first part of Cut the Rope and the gameplay closely resembles the first game. What makes Cut the Rope: Experiments different is that it has new stories and characters. You might also be delighted to find that Cut the Rope: Experiments has a lot of content about Om Nom’s life. • Cut the Rope: Time Travel – Om Nom suddenly finds himself in the past but also learns that candies are still what makes the world go round! What makes this one different from the previous ones is that there are now two candies instead of just one! • Cut the Rope 2: Unexpected Adventure – Despite being fourth in line, this one is actually the direct sequel of the original Cut the Rope. You will also be able to meet more of Om Nom’s equally adorable friends. In Cut the Rope 2: Unexpected Adventure, there are also different gameplays, locations, cosmetics, and other more exciting stuff! It is best to start in the first game, but Cut the Rope 2: Unexpected Adventure is dubbed by many as the best one in the franchise right now. • Cut the Rope: Triple Treat – Not an actual sequel or new game, Triple Treat is actually more of a compilation of the levels from Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel – hence the name. Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is also a handheld console game, specifically for Nintendo 3DS. cut the rope game Cut the Rope: Magic – This is really the first one to integrate new actions in the franchise and not just the usual rope cutting. Om Nom came into an accident, wandered into a magical land, and suddenly transforms into a magical dragon creature. When Om Nom transforms, he can use a lot of unique skills that can make him fly, squeeze into small spaces, and even do a fiery sneeze that can really affect everything around him, among others. • Om Nom: Merge – The change in title also signifies a complete change in the game. In Om Nom: Merge, Om Nom’s goal is not just to eat the candy anymore because he also has to help the forest along with his Nommie friends! • Om Nom: Run – Om Nom: Run is also a completely different game from the first Cut the Rope games because it is an endless running platform game like Temple Run or Subway Surfers. Om Nom is traversing Nomville, a dangerous city, and you have to help him get through while also gathering power-ups and unlocking new characters.

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