What custom RFID cards have you seen?

Posted by sere on April 9th, 2021

Are you unfamiliar with RFID cards? Have you seen it? Or do you understand? Today, JLT just needs to know what is an RFID card? Presumably most people are relatively unfamiliar and don't know what this is. Then if JLT says IC card, you must understand a little bit, but you still only understand the fur.

RFID is the general name of radio frequency technology system, and RFID card is radio frequency card, then some friends will ask what is radio frequency card? JLT will explain here. RF cards are chip cards that contain frequency induction. The cards contain IC or ID chips. The cards currently on the market can be divided into low frequency cards (ID cards 125K Hz) and high frequency cards (IC cards) according to frequency. 13.56M Hz), UHF card (915M Hz).

Some people don’t understand. What is an IC card? What is an ID card? In fact, most of the membership cards we see in our lives are IC cards, such as bus cards, meal cards, access cards, etc. It is an IC card or an ID card. The difference between an IC card and an ID card is the chip contained in the card. The IC chip belongs to the high frequency, and the ID chip belongs to the low frequency, but it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance.

For example, ID keychain cards, I think everyone is more familiar with ID2 and 3 buckle cards, these two types are the most widely used in domestic community access control, can be used to swipe the community access control or channel barriers, this function and The bus card swiping on the BRT channel is the same, the difference is that instead of using an ID card, the BRT swiping card uses an IC card, because the IC card has stored value and confidentiality functions, this ID card is not available.

Different from the usage habits, RFID cards can be divided into two types: standard cards and special-shaped cards. The standard card is well understood, it is the common PVC card, and the special-shaped card is compared with the ordinary card, the standard card size is: 85.5*54*0.76mm, in principle, as long as it is not this standard size RFID card can be used It's called Alien Card.

Above we talked about high-frequency IC cards and low-frequency ID cards. There is another kind of UHF cards, such as G2 white cards. Electronic tags are all UHF. UHF cards are widely used in production enterprises or special facilities. The UHF card has a larger memory and can carry more data. The hot "blockchain" concept is directly related to this UHF card or electronic tag. I believe that I am engaged in the RFID industry. All of my friends understand it better.

For example, watch cards are widely used in bathing centers or water parks. Because they have a certain waterproof function and are easy to carry around, this type of card has a place to use it. Is it familiar? Yes, it is used in bathing centers. Card, some water parks also use more.

For keychain cards or white cards, ID and IC cards can be distinguished. ID keychain cards or white cards are coded when they leave the factory (there are more black codes, and some are colorless and transparent codes). The IC keychain card or white card does not have a code on it, which can be distinguished well.

Among the special-shaped cards, this type of card is also more popular in the market recently. The reason is that the appearance is exquisite, it can be used as accessories, and it has the function of RFID card. However, the production cycle of this type of card is a bit long because the process of dispensing is A troublesome thing, the manufacturers of Epoxy RFID cards usually bring their own straps. The pictures below are all special-shaped cards. How about it? Have you seen it?

If you are a person in the project integration system, security, all-in-one card system, engineering and Internet of Things related industries, then you have a good understanding of the RFID card introduced by JLT. In addition, it is added that magnetic stripe cards or PVC membership cards without chips are not RFID cards. It is emphasized here that RFID cards are radio frequency cards. Cards without frequency chips are not called RFID cards. Electronic tags belong to the RFID card category.

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