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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

When you are strapped for cash but need a place to crash, you just might consider a local campground. Car camping is not turning your vehicle into a rolling motel, but rather packing up your camping gear and heading out to the campsite of your choice. Once you have arrived at your destination unpack the equipment, set up camp and enjoy!

1. Benefits Of Car Camping

- Your car is nearby if you need to pick up ice, food, etc
- You have a safe space to store food so bears can't get it
- If your tent collapses you can still sleep in the car for shelter

2. Packing

The best thing about car camping is that you won't need to bring a lot so there isn't much to pack. Often it is tempting to bring along many items that defeat the purpose of camping. Camping is an opportunity to relax, refocus and enjoy the outdoors. It is highly suggested that packed items include the basics of life such as food, clothing and camping gear, and that's it. Bringing along a computer, television, portable DVD player and other electronic equipment can be counterproductive. Give yourself a chance to really enjoy your surroundings.

3. Plan A Menu

Pack only the quantity of the food products needed to prepare the menu item for everyone in your group. Include extra food for unexpected snacks between meals.

4. Car Check-up

Your car is an integral part of car camping. It is prudent to make sure that your vehicle is in good operating condition. Therefore, check the tire pressure, water, engine hoses and make sure that the spare tire is in good working order.

5. Arriving at the Campground

The earlier the better is a good rule of thumb in getting the best choice of campsites at the campgrounds. Depending on your preference you can be close to the bathrooms for convenience or further from the restrooms for seclusion. Getting the tent up before dark can also save you a lot of frustration. A practical hint in setting up your tent would be to practice before you leave home on your car camping trip. Finally, setting up your campsite further away from the trash disposal area is prudent to avoid the insects they attract.

6. Few Practical Tips

It can be tempting to use your car light to illuminate the area at night - don't do this it will wear your battery right out. Instead, use a real propane lantern. Your car camping experience will be even more enjoyable when you follow a few practical tips. For obvious reasons take along extra toilet paper, dont forget the sunscreen and insect repellant and pack a first aid kit. Also, be sure to shower before you head out because unless the campground has really nice showers and toilets you will want to wait until you get home.

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