How to design food packaging to attract people

Posted by sere on April 9th, 2021

For food companies, in addition to paying attention to food health and hygiene, they must also pay attention to food packaging design. Whether food packaging design can directly attract people determines the amount of food sold.

Food packaging is an integral part of food and one of the main items in the food industry. When the food leaves the factory, it can protect the food and prevent damage to biological, chemical and physical external factors. It also has the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself. It is also a product that shows the appearance of food, attracts a consumer image, and has value other than material costs. Therefore, the food packaging process is also an important part of the food manufacturing system engineering. However, the versatility of the food packaging process makes it relatively independent of its own system.

So how will food packaging design attract people?

1. Must have a certain understanding of the market

When designing food packaging, many people have never conducted market analysis and have no knowledge of the market. Solutions designed in this way cannot be accepted by the market. It can be said to be a relatively unsuccessful design.

2. Refer to competitors

There are competitors in any industry, and the food industry is no exception. To do a good job in food packaging design, people can refer to the performance of competitors in packaging design, especially in some industries with outstanding price comparison competitors, referencing their packaging design can bring many benefits. Understand the packaging design style and characteristics of competitors, learn their design skills, and understand the advantages of their packaging design. This does not mean to imitate other people's packaging design.

The imitated food packaging design will not have certain characteristics of its own, and it is difficult to attract people. People can refer to the packaging design of competitors, but still need to add certain features of their own products.

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