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Posted by picasoth on April 9th, 2021

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company founded in 2010 by former Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun, which entered the market primarily as a software company, focusing mainly on the production of Google’s Android-based ROMs and entering the market. phone, my phone.

The MI one phone had the best features and low price that have been preserved in Xiaomi’s philosophy since day one. Its MI logo stands for Mobile Internet as well as Mission Impossible because the company faced challenges that seemed impossible to circumvent in the early years.

History of Xiaomi Phones

With the launch of the first phone, the MI one, in 2011 the company introduced a special ROM called MIUI, which provides additional features and a slim interface. MIUI was available for more than 200 devices, and by the end of 2013, Xiaomi had more than 30 million MIUI users worldwide. The development of its own technical means was a success, as its 2013 revenue alone was $ 5 billion.

Pros of Xiaomi Smartphones

Its success has continued to grow steadily as the company has given priority not only to the number of sales but also to user feedback, which has been highly rated by users. They targeted the most sensitive market in the South Asian region and offered a smartphone that was uncompromising compared to the competitions that explained their success at a very low price.


Xiaomi devices are known to be cheap. From the earliest days, his philosophy was to offer the highest prices at a reasonable price. Basically, you can get Xiaomi’s flagship phone with an OLED display, a three-camera camera, and the newest and best chipset from Qualcomm for about $ 400, which has similar features to Samsung and Apple. Its budget phone also has good features and is reasonably priced. Check now the Xiaomi mobile price in Bangladesh buy one for yourself!


In terms of design, Xiaomi looks great with all the design attributes of the most modern smartphone. From all screens and three cameras to curved screens, you name it. If you distinguish it from the best of Apple, Samsung, or Huawei, you won’t be able to tell the difference. The choice of premium, lightweight materials makes it a great phone and gives users confidence.

Operating System

Xiaomi phones come with MIUI, which is very fast and smooth to use. With each iteration of the software, Xiaomi has focused on making its operating system more stable and user-friendly. It is safe to say that its design element is influenced by a particular fruit-named company, but it has a specific part of personalization.

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