47 Suppliers provide asset management solutions in the UK, do all of them provid

Posted by AmandaTom on June 26th, 2015

Yes that’s correct, 47 suppliers provide asset management solutions in the UK. From your high profile big players like SAP, Infor, IBM, IFS to small niche players like Parago, Yotta and e-maint. The UK market for asset management software is full of options. However, asset management solutions includes fixed asset management software, computerised maintenance management software (CMMS), IT Asset Management and even IT Service Management. The term asset management software is generic term for all these options. Let us look at each of these options in some detail.

Fixed asset management part of your asset management software focuses on managing Properties, Facilities, Industrial Plants, Equipments, Machineries, Furnitures and Fixtures, Materials and Commercial Assets. Depending on how your assets are arranged and how they are interconnected, the deliverables of fixed asset management is enabling your business to maintain asset register (up-to-date list of assets), calculate asset accounting, inform you of preventive and planned maintenance procedures, help your business maintain optimum inventory levels and be ready for audits.

IT Asset Management part of your asset management solutions focuses on managing your IT Infrastructure. Headline features include assets discovery (up-to-date list of IT assets you have), Deployment Management, Usage Tracking and Compliant Disposal of your IT assets. IT Service Management focusses on automating service element of your IT Infrastructure. i.e. configuring processes, managing help-desks, assigning IT assets to users and automating troubleshooting processes.

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) part of your asset management solutions is purely focussed on preventive and planned maintenance tasks of your assets. So assigning engineers for asset maintenance, work order sheets, time sheets, downtime analysis, maintenance analysis …. are available in a contemporary CMMS system. Asset Tracking part of Asset Management Software is focussed on tracking various asset categories – right from your computer that is assigned to an employee to your fleet of vans that move around the country.

As you may have noted, the term asset management solution and asset management software are generic terms which is used by the industry and asset managers, it is almost always important to ask the question what exactly are you looking to manage before scanning the market. The 47 suppliers address different type of markets, right from your complex enterprise requirements to straightforward requirements for a small company with 100 assets.

47 Suppliers provide asset management solutions in the UK, learn how they provide different type of asset management software for different markets and industry types.

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