Foreign Hosting In Detail Must Know About It

Posted by Lynsey on April 9th, 2021

When choosing a hosting service for any Internet project, its owner often faces a well — known dilemma-choose a domestic provider, or use a foreign one.

What are the main differences between them, what may be the shortcomings of each of these options?

These issues will be discussed in this article in a very detailed way.

What is foreign hosting?

First of all, it is worth noting that foreign hosting offers are divided into groups depending on their geographical location of hosting providers. Conditionally, you can select Asian, American and European hosting services. Each of the described groups has its own characteristics and already established traditions, in this regard, they should be considered strictly separately. Or you can also try the Best Hosting Plans In India.

American hosting service

The leading positions in the market were occupied and continue to be occupied by American hosting companies. This is explained by the fact that it is here that the organizations that are the founders of this technology are located, and here, first of all, all the new products that determine the entire development of this industry appear.

Asian hosting

Asian hosting (mainly Korean, Chinese and Indian) is recommended to use only in cases where your website is designed for an audience of users from these regions, since it does not have any significant advantages over American or European, and difficulties with the acquisition (for example, according to Chinese law, you will necessarily need a special ICP license to buy free foreign hosting) are available.

The foreign hosting and its features

Since the competition in the field of hosting is very tough, you can attract customers only if you provide a really high-quality service.

The most modern server equipment

In the West, the most productive and new server equipment is used, in any case, they try not to save on computing power. Servers are often not loaded, there are quite a few users on each server of Reseller Hosting India, so they do not compete for machine resources. Thus, all Internet sites work simultaneously without any problems. Also, providers most often use their own equipment, and do not resell “other people's” capacities under their own name.

Protection against DDOS attacks and viruses

Hosting in Europe and the United States often provides protection against DDOS attacks, which is implemented using firewalls and some other pre-installed programs. The cost of hosting in this case will vary depending on the power of the expected attack (the traditional practice in the West is to offer full protection against attacks up to 10 GB/s).

The difficulties of working with foreign hosting include:

Technical support of Best SSD Hosting and foreign hosting is mainly in English only. However, with the increasing number of Hindi-speaking customers, many foreign companies are trying to organize technical support in Hindi as well.

Problems with payment for services. Hosting in USA usually uses PayPal or Mastercard/Visa cards. Some also allow payment via Webmoney, but popular payment systems (such as Gpay or PTM) will be absolutely useless in this case.


Summing up, it is hard not to agree with the fact that foreign hosting has significantly more advantages than disadvantages. If you compare foreign hosting with domestic hosting, there is a difference between them, starting with the technical base and ending with the attitude to users.

The hosting industry is considered one of the most advanced areas, and the competition between firms is simply colossal Best SSD Hosting (with all hosting providers offering almost the same services) and the only thing that remains for hosting providers is to conquer users with a high level of communication with their customers. Currently, the quality of customer service is one of the advantages of foreign providers.

Many hosting companies in the West have also learned one simple truth: instead of offering users a thousand hosting plans with different parameters in each, it is much better to provide several pricing plans with an absolute maximum and at an affordable price. And this is really a great success.

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