Windows VPS or UNIX VPS? Which One Is Better

Posted by Lynsey on April 9th, 2021

Today, the virtual hosting plan is selected based on a suitable special platform. The most popular platforms today are Windows and Unix.

Windows VPS

Many problems of modern virtual hosting are solved by its provider. The only difference between Windows and Unix platforms is the level of compatibility of the software with the appropriate operating system.

For MSSQL and ASP support, Windows VPS hosting is selected. For working with PHP, PERL, MySQL, Unix VPS hosting is suitable.

Types of web servers

Apache is a free server that provides the best performance of PHP and Perl. php.ini allows you to set additional server settings, as well as configure the operation of all scripts. Cross-platform Apache is mainly used on UNIX VPS hosting. Today, this web server is the most popular in the world. Also, don’t forget about Best Hosting Plans In India.

IIS is closed-type Microsoft software that was created for full-fledged work on the basis of Windows. This web server is selected for sites that run on ASP.


To host a VPS site created using ASP.NET, used by Windows OS. ASP.NET allows you to design multifunctional and complex projects. Windows VPS hosting fully supports PHP. Web sites written in PHP work better on Unix. This technology was created directly for this platform. You can also check Reseller Hosting India as well.

Applicable databases

MySQL is a special database management system that is used on Unix, quite easy to learn and very convenient for beginners. MSSQL was developed for the Windows platform and is used in projects that require very high reliability.

VPS hosting-basic rules of operation

Windows has a Plesk control panel. For Unix, cPanel and ISPmanager are provided. In addition to FTP, you can use the forbidden SSH special protocol.

On the windows VPS server, access is provided exclusively via FTP, as well as the control panel.

Users are better off choosing windows VPS rental if they apply:

• Apache–IIS.

• Perl-ASP.NET.


• PHP-NET Framework.

• WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, and more.

The choice of a Windows or Unix platform for virtual or Best SSD Hosting strongly depends on the applications, tools, and programming languages used. Each platform has its own tariffs, constant monitoring of servers, competent administration, round-the-clock technical support for hosting.

Users choose UNIX VPS for the following reasons:

• Many programs that are developed for this hosting are distributed exclusively on a free basis,

• A more efficient and reliable platform, compared to Windows.

• Users who are not going to use solutions that are supported exclusively by Windows, it is better to choose UNIX hosting.

• Comfortable use

Windows VPS

Providers have created a set of measures that significantly simplified Cheap SSD Hosting the administration of websites for all platforms. Given the simplicity and ease of use, there is virtually no difference between the platforms described. For shell enthusiasts and experienced users, it is advisable to choose UNIX VPS hosting. Well, for beginners, the best solution is to choose a control panel with an interface on VPS hosting Windows and UNIX.

Server functionality

Windows and UNIX are very different in terms of functionality. There are specific tasks that can be implemented on one platform, but not on another. The key difference lies in the way the result is achieved. For a website used for a full-fledged database, PHP/MySQL for UNIX is used, or ASP/MS SQL for the Windows platform. There are special solutions that are supported on two platforms at once-Microsoft FrontPage.

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