Checking The DNS Configuration And Its Uses

Posted by Lynsey on April 9th, 2021

What is DNS?

The Internet is a network which is known to connect millions of computers across the world. Some computers on this network are turned on around the clock-servers with email and websites. When you connect to the Internet, each computer is assigned a special numeric identifier – the so-called ip address. However, it is not very convenient for people to access the servers using it, so letter domains were introduced.

DNS is a system that ensures that all domains match IP addresses. A special class of servers called ns servers is responsible for storing DNS records on the Internet. Some of them are supported by domain zone administrators, others-by Cheap Hosting India service providers and hosters. Such servers have their own hierarchy, and records are not updated on the servers immediately: on some of them-very quickly, on the rest - within a couple of days.

Timing of DNS record updates

A common question for all beginners is when the new domain will work. Let's try to answer and see if there is any way to speed up this process. So, you want the new domain to work. To do this, you need to add records to the DNS and then wait for them to spread over the network. The time to update these records is from a couple of hours to three days. Such restrictions are caused by Cheap WordPress Hosting the peculiarities of the DNS, which is a highly loaded and distributed system.

After changing DNS records or registering a domain, your site will be available to different users at different times, depending on the specifics of their providers. As for subdomains, when they are created, they often become available immediately or within 20 minutes. You can also check details on- Reseller Hosting India.

How to start working with a new domain faster

If you have registered a domain or changed DNS records, and you need to start working with an Internet site urgently, you can add one line to the hosts file of your OS:

where xxx. xxx. xxx. xxx is the ip address of the server, and – this is the domain name of your resource.

Types of DNS records

In order for the domain to work, you should set a number of special DNS records for it.

The NS record is used to specify the DNS server that serves your domain. The services of your own DNS server can be offered by a domain registrar or a hosting provider. Another option is to set up your own NS server, and use it already.

Record A — you need to specify the IP address of your website.

The AAAA record is used to specify the IP address of version 6. Currently, these addresses are not yet fully supported.

MX record-Shows the IP address of your mail server.

A CNAME record is required to specify one domain in as the address of another domain. And, if you are seeking for Cheap SSD Hosting, consider the suggested source.

PTR record – A reverse record that allows you to get the full domain name of your website when you request the IP address of your website. It is very important if you use a mail server for the domain, since the correctness of the PTR record is checked by many mail servers. This record is always set by the hosting provider. You can check the correctness of this entry using a special service. Problems, as a rule, do not occur, and the record is initially set correctly.

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