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Posted by amol on April 9th, 2021

In the competitive market of today, quality client experience across all operating systems has become a fundamental prerequisite. After design & development, compatibility testing functions, usability, and consistency is the next significant activity to do. While compatibility testing seems to be challenging for the testers, utilizing the best compatibility testing tools makes the tasks simpler..

Examining the usability, consistency, functionality & compatibility, of the mobile application is the mobile app testing process which is done with different mobile app testing tools or by mobile application testing softwares.

Many things are to be Tested in a Mobile Application.

When an app is released to the market various factors are considered related to the performance of the test.

Some of mainly focused mobile application testing services functions

 are as below:

  • what is the start-up time of to the application,

  • how much space is the app consuming,

  • what battery is being used by the app,

  • does it work with all the Operating system present in the market,

  • is the app works with all screen sizes present in the market,

  • Functional Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Performance and load testing

  • Security Testing

  • Installation Testing

  • Localization Testing

  • Manual Testing

  • Automated Testing

  • Mobile Device Testing

and the list goes on.

Presently as you can sort out there are many tests that an application needs to pass before introducing in the market so the next thing that strikes the mind is how would we adapt up to these many numbers of tests in addition to the increased market needs.

The recent statistics reports show that every day 1000+ apps are being added to the google play store “source: Appbrain” so you can see how difficult it is to stand out from the competitive market.

This increases the need of faster app testing methods done very efficiently not to lag behind in the competition. A proper mobile app testing strategy needs to be followed to save time for other troubleshooting methodologies.

What care should be taken while mobile application testing?

Automate Testing of Mobile Applications, ios as well as android apps.

For saving time one should plan strategies for Automation testing for testing your mobile applications.

Mobile app testing tools such as  Appium, Robotium, MonkeyRunner Ranorex, Appium Studio, UI Automator, etc. can help you do this task for your mobile app testing.

Automation testing when applied to stack testing, execution testing, Unit testing, Device testing scripts can assist you with performing out these tests many times in a row. This permits you to test the application for each minor update and the efficiency can be expanded.

How Bqurious helps you out in mobile app testing.

Bqurious helps you to Execute your tests simultaneously on multiple local devices, devices on the internet or device clouds like Perfecto, Saucelabs etc.

Bqurious is the world’s first test automation solution on the cloud.

Founded by passionate and restless technology professionals with a mission to create and perpetuate value for businesses.

API testing, mobile testing, testing web apps, testing enterprise apps a

Accelerated no-code mobile app testing helps you integrate mobile testing into your testing strategy. Achieve exponential RoI on automation effort.

App testing for android, ios, smart devices and more.

Bqurious helps with the app testing tools, single test for android and ios, test native, hybrid and web apps, simple test creation, visual comparison. Android application testing tool helps you get a clear picture of the app and how it will perform on the android Operating system. Here we provide the best mobile application testing services. Mobile application testing software or

Mobile app performance testing software we provide the best service which will help you for testing your mobile app, so as to compete in this competitive market.

If you want to learn more about mobile app testing or want to book a demo or have a free trial visit us at our website:

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