Memorigin was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, specialized in making watches with designs representing Hong Kong’s affection towards Chinese culture and symbolism. This brand only produces tourbillon. This brand provides excellent craftsmanship in making designer watches for passionate watch lovers. Tourbillon watches are designed by the top designers with exceptional creative ideas. There are flying tourbillon watches designed with a complicated pattern with no upper bridge for the cage. Several other watches include their unique features. There are few amazing features of memorigin watches that you must know, such as:

  • Advanced Water Resistance Feature: Your watch must have a water resistant rating of 200 meters or above to prove its reliability and durability. Memorigin watches have water resistance more than 200m, making it one of the best brands for purchase. Many memorigin watches provide water resistance of 5ATM \ 165ft.
  • Manual Winding Mechanism: There are three types of watch movements. Memorigin offers the traditional manual winding mechanism giving a classy look to its design. It will require you to wind on your own. Many passionate watch lovers will find this traditional way as an antique and unique collection among the other watches.
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass: Several watches are now launched with a front window which is transparent, known as ‘crystal’. Among the extremely costly and high standard or quality watches, this crystal is used and made up of ‘synthetic sapphire’, which is resistant to any form of scratches, giving a stress-free usage to its owner. The thickness of the crystal is an important feature, and the best quality luxury watches specifically have a ‘thicker’ crystal of synthetic sapphire.
  • Chronometer Rating: This means that the watches are individually tested by authorities to see if they are enabled to keep very accurate and precise time. Many luxury watches nowadays claim to be chronometer certified on their dial depicts. This means that it has gone through the COSC Process which tests the watch under different temperatures and conditions for several days.
  • Reflective Coating: An expensive luxury watch will always provide reflective coating to stop the scowl of the sun from obscuring the time. Memorigin provides both side crystal reflective coating, giving additional benefit to its owner.

Since now you know the features of memorigin watches, it will be easier for you to decide to purchase. But before finalizing the purchase, make sure to check the Memorigin watch prices for a better and appropriate deal.