6 Things to avoid when designing your flyer

Posted by Rahul Shah on April 9th, 2021

Flyers are one of the widely used printed marketing collateral. They make a significant impact on the target audience. The relevance of flyer printing or leaflet printing in the current digital world has not yet vanished. They are a tangible source of information for the target market. Any promotional tool which is handed over directly to the customers and prospects has a stronger influence on their buying decision. Therefore, flyers are considered to be an effective marketing tool.

Businesses choose leaflet printing or flyer printing over other printed marketing tools for a simple reason; they are the most inexpensive method to promote any business. Flyer’s printing cost is very low but the impact that they create is very high. Flyers have several benefits attached to them. They work great for promoting brands, giving out product-relation information, an announcement of special events, or any other information that is essential to drive in customers. Businesses print flyers because they know the amount of exposure it provides to their marketing messages. It not only helps in creating awareness but also helps in generating leads. Therefore, incorporating flyer printing as a part of any marketing campaign is the smartest move to make.

Flyer printing is not as easy as it seems. Although it is a cheap marketing tool, the focus on it has to be very high. If you want to gain maximum profit out of this small investment make sure you are investing in the right things. Flyers need to be attractive and eye-catching. If it lacks the magic of generating interest, it might end up in a nearby dustbin. Sometimes it so happens that in the excitement of generating quick results, businesses lose their focus from the designing step. This indeed is the biggest mistake they make. The flyer design is the most crucial element in the success of such marketing campaigns. If the flyer fails to catch and hold the attention of the recipient, the whole purpose of its existence is put into question.

There are certain common mistakes that most marketers make which restricts them from creating flyers that stand out and serve the purpose. To help businesses in creating a perfect flyer design, here are 6 things that they must avoid:

  1. Wordy headline: The headline of a flyer is the catchiest sentence that helps in grabbing the attention of the people in the first instance. A wordy headline would not help you the same way. People refrain from ready long sentences as they look dull and monotonous. Instead, businesses must try to give a short and to-the-point headline to their flyers. The headline should encourage people to read the entire flyer. Therefore, always avoid long headlines and keep them short and crisp.
  2. Too much information: Flyers are not meant to be filled with information. Never overload flyer design with too much text. Nobody likes going through a wordy document especially in an era like ours where the attention span of people is very low. Flyers are not booklets so do not treat it like one. Give only the vital information and use more images and patterns. Make sure to give proper white space between all the designing elements. This gives the flyer room to breathe and enhances readability. Add only relevant information that is specific to the purpose of the flyers.
  3. Low-quality images: Images are the heart of flyers. It helps in catching and holding the attention of the receiver. So, if you decide to add some relevant images to your flyer, make sure they are high-quality. Avoid the use of low-resolution, pixelated images. They make the flyers look cheap and send out the wrong image of your brand. Never copy some random image from the internet and use them on the flyers.
  4. Too many bright colors: A very common mistake that businesses end up doing while printing flyers is adding too many colors. Most of you might think that adding more colors with your flyers looks vibrant and colorful which can help in grabbing people’s attention. But this is not the truth. A little color is important to make the flyers eye-catching but avoid the usage of too many bright and pop colors on your flyer design. Too many colors will make the flyer confusing and difficult to read. It is always advisable to stick to some specific color that complements the image of your brand. Try to use colors that represent your brand’s personality and are in connection with the logo. This will make the flyer look consistent with your brand.
  5. Small and fancy font: Your ultimate goal is to make the flyer readable so that people can comprehend your marketing message and give you the desired response. Therefore, the text that you use should be readable. Avoid using small font sizes to accommodate more content. Instead, keep the body small and simple and increase the font size to make it easily readable. Some people also think using calligraphy will make their flyer design exceptional. But this is not the case. Using fancy font types makes it difficult for certain people to read. Therefore, they might not read it.
  6. Grammatical error: Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not at all welcomed. They make the flyers look very unprofessional. Always proofread the content to avoid any such mistakes. You don’t want to portray your brand negatively. Check the sensitive information such as contact details, product information, and other essential information before giving it for final printing. Once the flyers printing is done then it is difficult to make the changes.

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes that most people end up doing. Try to make your next flyer as engaging as possible. Take inspiration from those flyers that were successful in gaining the attention of the people. Also, remember the ones that you ended up throwing because they failed to impress you. Implement the creative elements in your flyer and say no to the above-listed things. Another major mistake that businesses make is not consulting a professional printing company for the designing and printing of their flyers. DIY printing techniques and other unprofessional printing shops will not give you the desired result. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a professional printing company that excels in providing uniquely designed flyers.

There are several flyers printing online services that can help you get the desired product. One such professional printing company is PrintStop. PrintStop deals in all sorts of pamphlet printing services and assists in designing creative marketing posters. You can order flyers online from their web store. PrintStop offers budget-friendly flyer printing services for all business-related needs. It’s time to turn your ideas into reality. Produce a brilliant flyer and make the right impression.

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