An overview of Criminal procedure code in Singapore

Posted by vendelajar on June 26th, 2015

The Singapore criminal law is very strict when compared with the criminal laws of other countries. In Singapore, there is very strict punishment for both small to brutal criminal activities. The guilty can be imposed with hefty   penalties, severe punishment or even capital punishment, depending on the complexities of the case.  There are  several  activities regulated as  a criminal act in  Singapore, which is fairly harmless  in other countries such as  purse snatching,  flush toilet after use, possessing of pornography, sales of chewing gum, splitting, littering  and sexual activities between men.

The Singapore criminal law is largely statutory in nature. The elements, penalties and principles of common criminal offenses like cheating, theft or homicide are set up by the penal code.  Other important offenses are created by statues like kidnapping act, arms offenses, vandalism act and misuse of drugs act. 


If you are caught in any criminal offense in Singapore, then he/she must go under several legal procedures. The police may arrest you and take to the nearby police station for questioning. After this, you may held in the lock up for investigation. Any belongings with you will be taken by the police and a list of the belongings will be recorded as the subject of confirmation or evidence. One copy of the belongings  list is also given to you.

The legal process related to criminal offenses in Singapore is very complex. You should hire a reliable and renowned criminal defense attorney to overcome from such traumatic situation easily and quickly. The defense attorney files a petition from your side in the courtroom to prove your innocence. From the document work, evidence collection to investigation to representation, the professional attorney handles everything to help clients to get rid of the criminal charge easily and quickly.

The criminal defense lawyer can even help you, if you found guilty in the case. They make strong points and provide aggressive representation to reduce the punishment. It is very easy to locate several criminal defense law firms that claim to provide aggressive representation. However, not all lawyers have the skills to provide the best possible results in your case.  You need to hire an attorney how have a good understanding of Singapore criminal law, sound knowledge of Criminal procedure code Singapore and experience in representing cases. Only an experienced and specialized lawyer can provide favorable results as quickly as possible.

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