5 Mistakes that most businesses make before choosing their Asset Tracking Softwa

Posted by AmandaTom on June 26th, 2015

Asset Tracking Systems are as fundamental as email software for asset intensive businesses. Almost every asset management software has some sort of asset tracking feature. But most businesses focus on commercial requirements and often miss the technical/operational details when it comes to choosing the right Asset Tracking Software.

The top 5 common mistakes are;

  1. Not Involving the users of asset tracking system
  2. Taking a decision without fully appreciating future asset tracking requirements of your business
  3. Not testing integration with other software systems
  4. Missing the details on implementation of asset tracking system
  5. Not calculating the exact (potential) savings from your asset tracking software investment.

User adoption of your asset tracking software is really critical for the success. However, most businesses do not involve users in a real way. Users typically are just involved during the product demo stage whereas the real benefits come from involving the user’s right from the start of your asset tracking system search. Understanding requirements from the users before you start your search will provide you an insight of detailed feature based requirements. Most companies have a good idea of business requirements but miss out on the details, involving your users mitigates the risk of missing the details.

The second common mistake is not fully appreciating future requirements of your business. Maybe your barcoding requirements will change from 1 Dimensional to 2 Dimensional (the one’s you can scan with your smartphones). Maybe you will need real time data from your asset tracking software in which case you may need RFID capabilities. It may be an idea to understand future product roadmap from your suppliers (which will also give you ideas about your future requirements) so that you know that your chosen supplier is well placed to address your future requirements.

Most Asset Tracking Systems will require some sort of integration with your existing systems. It is always worth testing that the integration works before you sign the contract for your asset tracking software. Maybe you will have to pay a small amount to test the integration but in most cases you will clearly understand if the integration is seamless or needs some manual intervention.

This is mostly done by first time asset tracking software buyers, they do not ask details of the implementation phase – i.e. who will be the project manager, how the asset tracking system will be implemented, will you have the ability to test the system before it is made live, how to deal with bugs etc etc.

The 5th one is not calculating the potential ROI from your new asset tracking software, most suppliers will have potential savings calculator like http://www.4hsolutions.com/roi-calc/default.aspx?tools=1500. It is imperative to fully understand the return/savings you can expect from your asset tracking system investment

An asset tracking software is a necessity for any asset intensive business. Let an expert help you choose the best asset tracking system.

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