What Can You Get Out of Recycling Metal Scraps?

Posted by Simon Hopes on April 9th, 2021

Construction sites and demolition projects generate waste, including an assortment of metal scraps. But those are not the only places where you can find various types of metal scraps. You can find plenty around your home. Many things in your home have metal parts. Metal does not only refer to steel. It also includes iron, brass, and copper. You can recycle these metal parts.

Did you realize you can collect them and sell them for cash? It’s something you can do if you need extra money. You may have thrown away some unwanted and non-functional appliances in the past. Now that you know you can recycle them and convert them into cash, know what you should look for and where to find them.

Typical places to look for recyclable metals

Your home is a treasure trove for scrap metal. In almost every part of your home, you can find various items that contain metal parts.

  • Kitchen. In the kitchen, you have old copper and iron pans you can recycle. Other kitchen appliances that are sources of metal scrap are microwaves and refrigerators that also have plenty of copper wires. Old kitchen stoves, aluminum foil, and stainless steel flatware are candidates. You should also set aside aluminum soda cans and sell them separately.
  • Bedroom and living room. You may still have an old television set placed somewhere. Other sources of scrap metals are old air conditioners and bases of floor lamps and table lamps. Look to see if you have some old gutters and frames of screen doors and windows made from aluminum.
  • Laundry room and bathroom. In these rooms, you can find various appliances. You may have old dryers or washers, bathroom fixtures, and plumbing pipes made of copper. There could also be other small appliances that have copper wiring. Copper wire sells at a higher price.
  • Patio and garden. You may still have iron patio furniture that you no longer use. Do not throw it away because you can sell it as scrap metal. Other things you can recycle are iron railings, metal swings, and old lawnmowers. 
  • Attic. If this is your storage area for unused and old items, it’s time to sort the things you have there. You may still have appliances, shelves, lamps, tables, and chairs with metal parts. Removing them from your attic will put some order in the room. You are not only cleaning up the attic; you also earn some cash from the junk that you no longer use.
  • Garage. Your garage can yield more items that you can add to your scrap metal collection. You may have discarded musical instruments, old bicycles and scooters, screws, nails, paint cans, and old power tools that you have tried fixing but forgotten. Is your old car still in the garage? Rather than occupying valuable garage space, think of recycling the car. It has many parts that you can sell as scrap. Car parts you can sell include rims, compressors, radiators, and batteries.

Do not forget that these appliances, toys, and other items have metal parts that you can sell for scrap. Separate them by type as their prices vary.

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